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Full Version: FASTyle 2.3
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Must have plugin! Thx
@Mipher: it's a known issue but since it's not critical I prefer to leave it as is, waiting for more massive bug fixes and updates.
@shade - sometimes, template is not saved properly... it is saved but when you hit F5 (reload page), changes are not saved and it is reverted back to previous version Sad
The issue is known and will be addressed in the future. It occurs if you save 2 times consecutively too quickly or an old AJAX call is somewhat slow and it overlaps the most recent one. In other words, if you save (AJAX call "A") and then you edit and save again (AJAX call "B") but the first call "A" has not been resolved yet, and the "B" call is resolved before the "A" call, this will overwrite the precedent "B" call which should wait for the other one to complete before firing again.

It's a recent discovery from my side (since I'm developing an AJAX chat and during some debugging I found something odd, which was definitely spotted as being something very similar to this issue). No ETAs. In the meantime, save multiple times or wait more than 5 seconds between consecutive savings.
FASTyle 1.2 is out
  • added a new beautiful spinner with enhanced positioning;
  • (needs testing) addressed an issue which prevented templates/stylesheets to be saved if saving too quickly multiple times;
  • added support to quick save for settings;

To update, simply replace the old file with the new one. Changes will be applied immediately. There's not the need to uninstall the plugin or inactivate it.
Thank you very much! Amazing!
I'm in the process of releasing FASTyle 1.3 which features the ability to quick load templates from the template list and quick jump between templates while editing them. This is a preview:

[Image: j2BBGOW.gif]
Amazing, what about expand all template groups?
Why would you have such a feature? Doesn't make much sense to me. Anyway, I've updated the preview with a live version plus the quick jump menu. Works best with my ACP theme Whisper as it adds searchable selects using the core Select2 jQuery plugin.
Sometimes it is quite annoying to open one by one and search for a specific template (ctrl+f doesnt work)
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