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Full Version: Discuss: The MyBB Group & Microsoft Corporation Partnership
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oh no what am I going to do now, I guess the basic version wouldn't be too bad, but I guess I would have to pay, mybb is great and the administration panel looks amazing Wink
Heh. Very nice. Wink

I shall be paying my life savings ASAP then.
april fool's joke?

pftt... that was weak surfi...
OMFG! I was SO pissed at you guys.... That was just wrong man..

But funny Smile LOL!
nice joke man Big GrinBig Grin really shocking..
I was too scread :@ :@ But its a nice joke Smile
That scared me for a second.

Then I realized what day it was.
hahahahaha great and great April Fools it's realy scared me I mean it it's scared me.. I said wtf noooooooooooooooooo and money (whene I didn't have it) nooooooooo. hahah but nice one Big Grin
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