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Full Version: Mybb & Full stack dev w/ 16 years exp Very competitive prices no job too big or small
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Hello dear friends, I am Mostafa shiraali, a computer engineer, I started programming in 2006 and I developed my field of activity day by day, and I started developing Mybb with simple plugins from the same year 2006.
If your community requires new plugin, I can do it .
Some of the programming languages I use And System I developing :
  2. PHP
  3. HTML5
  4. CSS3
  5. SQL/MySQL
  6. C / C++
  7. JavaScript/Jquery
  8. Android
  9. Wordpress
  10. Mybb
  11. Joomla
  12. Prestashop
  13. Enough or still to write about Heart Heart Heart 
Services that I do for you
  1. Create Windows Software
  2. Create Android app
  3. Create Web Software
  4. CMS development Like Wordpress,Mybb,...
  5. Create Custom Wordpress plugin
  6. Create Custom Wordpress Theme
  7. Create Custom Mybb Plugin
  8. Create Custom Mybb Theme
  9. Create Other CMS Add-ons
  10. Fix all cms errors
  11. Config Server and Optimize settings
  12. Install Server Require Services Like PHP,NGINX,MySQL,Mariadb,...
  13. Install all cms
  14. Setup Config VPN Server (All Types : PPTP,L2TP,IKEV2,OpenVPN,V2Ray,...)
  15. Setting up the server and installing the required services  Like Install PHP,MySQL,Nginx,Mariadb,Apache,............
  16. and any thing you want
How to send an order?
Telegram : @MostafaShiraali
Discord : MostafaShiraali#7754(mostafashiraali)
Payment method CryptoCurrency,Paypal
My recommended cryptocurrency exchange Coinex
(Remember this is just a suggestion and the choice is yours)

Some completed custom projects for customers (Mybb)  :

  1. Custom Theme
  2. Customize many Mybb Plugin
  3. Pro Gambling Plugin
  4. Fix all types of errors
  5. Custom Up Threads Plugin
  6. Custom Post Templates Plugin
  7. Add Gateways Like GoUrl  to Plugins
  8. Change Post Date Custom Plugin
  9. Image Cutter Plugin
  10. Fake Online User Plugin
  11. Private message approval plugin
  12. Pop-up ads plugin
  13. Change User Group From ModCP plugin
  14. Sync Mybb With Wordpress
  15. Show CryptoCurrency informations Custom plugin
  16. Update Mybb
  17. Fix All Type Errors
  18. Upload Attachment on Download Server Plugin
  19. add Attachment File To Event plugin
  20. Use download server for attachments
  21. Show pages in infinite scroll mode
  22. Custom Shop Plugin.
  23. Custom Thread/post Fields Plugin.
  24. The user can select his user group when registering
  25. Crypto Plugin = Crypto info and charts based on Coingecko API
  26. Attachment Path = allow upload attachments to other server
  27. Daily Check In
  28. Thread Preview Image
  29. Video System
  30. Scheduled Post
  31. toplist
  32. Gambling Games
  33. Bump thread (Custom version)
  34. Downloads Limit
  35. post templates
  36. Thread Log
  37. Email White List
  38. fakeonline
  39. trustscan
  40. LikeSystem
  41. AutoLockThread
  42. MentionSystem
  43. userbadges
  44. Change Post Date
  45. croped images
  46. Hide Content Until Reply
  47. recent threads
  48. sticky thread
  49. Promotion Code
  50. og metas
  51. calendar attachments
  52. add "Primary User Group" and "Additional User Groups" option to Modcp
  53. Ban Notification
  54. Reverse Posts
  55. Fake statistics
  56. Custom Like Thread
  57. Fake Forum Count
  58. Custom General Inbox
  59. Mass Comment
  60. XP System
  61. PM Box
  62. Auction System
  63. Subscription System
  64. Add Stripe Recurring Payments
  65. clone multiple theme
  66. Creating a Firefox extension
  67. And many other custom plugins and Theme
Some completed custom projects for customers (Other than Mybb)  :
  1. Accounting software under Windows
  2. Library management software
  3. Software to convert text to WordPress post
  4. Custom PDF reader
  5. Clinic management software
  6. Software for recording and producing all kinds of reports
  7. All kinds of Windows software collect information from the web
  8. Information sending software
  9. Exclusive visit exchange software
  10. Types of Android service applications
  11. and dozens of other software under Windows and web

My free mybb (1.6) Plugins
My free mybb (1.8) Plugins

My public non-free plugins :

Market Plugin
BumpThread Plugin
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I would highly recommend. He made 3 plugins for me
(2020-07-15, 09:33 PM)bobek126p Wrote: [ -> ]I would highly recommend. He made 3 plugins for me
Thank you for your support. Heart
Any examples of working plugins you've built?
(2020-08-01, 03:54 PM)morpia Wrote: [ -> ]Any examples of working plugins you've built?

My Free mybb 1.8 Projects

My Free mybb 1.6 Projects
This is to raise the issue, thank you
This is to raise the issue, thank you
Bitcoin is now accepted as well.
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