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Full Version: Create Your Mybb Plugins
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Hello dear friends, If your community requires new plugin, I can do it .

Some of the programming languages I use :
C / C++
Some of the cms I develop :
Services that I do for you
Build Android app
Build WordPress Plugin
Build MyBB Plugin
Installing a CMS
Repair scripts and web enhancements
Design and build web scripts
Develop extensions and web scripts
Programming templates for content management systems to your taste
Build a variety of desktop applications with C # .net
Applying SEO Elements in the Template and Core of the Site
How to send an order?
Telegram : @MostafaShiraali
Email : [email protected]
Discord : MostafaShiraali#7754
Payment method : Paypal,CryptoCurrency
Some projects done
Site dedicated app
Positioner app
Marketing system for wordpress
Join and log in and out of MySpace and WordPress
Automatically log in and out between two WordPress systems
Repair site system
Synchronization of the plugin with a SMS client
Set up the store and make the required settings
Programming a dedicated menu for the site
Repair Joomla System plugin problems
Modify the MySQL user group plugin in the Nazem panel
Employee Information System
Mass SMS messaging software
Clinic Acceptance Software
Mybb Alerts on Telegram
And Multipe Mybb & Wordpress Plugin
Add multiple Gateway To mybb Plugin
Create +110 custom plugin for users

My free mybb (1.6) Plugins
My free mybb (1.8) Plugins

My public non-free plugins :
UpThread Plugin
Post Url Preview Box
I HAVE SENT you a PM regarding a plugin, will respond here if all goes well.
Send to UP
I would highly recommend. He made 3 plugins for me
(2020-07-15, 09:33 PM)bobek126p Wrote: [ -> ]I would highly recommend. He made 3 plugins for me
Thank you for your support. Heart
Any examples of working plugins you've built?
(2020-08-01, 03:54 PM)morpia Wrote: [ -> ]Any examples of working plugins you've built?

My Free mybb 1.8 Projects

My Free mybb 1.6 Projects
This is to raise the issue, thank you
This is to raise the issue, thank you
Bitcoin is now accepted as well.
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