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Full Version: (Petition) Distinction between "Premium" and "Free" Plugin & Themes Thread Releases
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Well use this Message Icon [Image: dollar.JPG] Big Grin

Serious, use a SubForum or a Thread Prefix that say Paid and the Others Say Free Thats the most simple solution.
(2009-06-12, 02:23 PM)Bey Brad Wrote: [ -> ]Seriously, why not use post icons? Is that not what they're for?

Thats a damn good idea.
(2009-06-11, 03:57 PM)babjusi Wrote: [ -> ]It seems like some people want everything for free and they are very selfish. Cos the only thing they think and care about it is only themselves. If they stood still for a coupla minutes and think that these guys that create plug-ins and themes put a lot of work and effort into it, and not to mention that they have costs as well, then they would see the error of their thinkings. And as for Labrocca, he seems a very talented coder and he has created some very nice plug-ins as far as I could see at a glance at his forum and 5 dollars a year is nothing at all. Skip a day at your local pub and there you go Big Grin And the fact that he donates to mybb every month deserves respect and recognition. At least he has my respect for that.

See my last several posts. AGAIN i do not see why this keeps getting brought up. Huh
(2009-06-11, 09:14 PM)Bey Brad Wrote: [ -> ]Just make a $ post icon. lol

Very Very good solution imho. I also don't think it's too much to ask that mybb staff adds a money icon.

Attached are 2 famfamsilk money icons that could be used. Please add one Mybb.

If it's added I will alter all of my own plugins to include the icon.
^ same here
I'd prefer a subforum over post icons. The subforum allows filtering, whereas the latter doesn't.
(2009-06-14, 05:13 AM)Yumi Wrote: [ -> ]I'd prefer a subforum over post icons. The subforum allows filtering, whereas the latter doesn't.

Also, people might forget or just not bother.
What about a thread prefix?

Paid and Free???
If you read the thread that's already been suggested Toungue.
I understand that what I'm about to say isn't what the thread is about (I don't believe) and I'll probably get flamed for it, but I've never found another time to say it.

I just don't understand why I have to pay for a small piece of code compared to the extremely large MyBB, which is free btw. I mean, paying for add-ons that go to a free forum software just doesn't seem like a cool thing at all.

Just my two-cents.
MyBB, as the free and large software, gets many more hits and as such, has the ability to make money from services like ads.

Smaller sites, or coders that only make one or two plugins are unlikely to get the same amount of traffic volume to generate enough revenue to keep the domain registration, server costs, etc.

I really don't think this needs to be discussed further and will close this thread if no useful comments are made.
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