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Full Version: PluginLibrary 13
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Updated plugin approved
Version 8 brings two bug fixes:

- settings() inadvertently deleted settings if you specified a setting without description.
- xml_export() used a too small content length in the header, causing some webbrowsers to save an incomplete XML file (e.g. last 100 bytes missing).
Thanks for the update frostschutz!
I click "install and active" in adminCP>plugin setting> plugin library 8, but phrase "install and active" don,t change yet.
thank you
Yes, that's intentional. It doesn't have to be installed/activated, it just has to be there.
Are we as a group saying that we should use this pluginLibrary with our plugins?

If so I will wrap it into my currently under development plugin, particularly for the is_member() function
I think the most current appreciate feature in this is the ability to patch files. I personally wrote my own function similar to the is_member one.
I have only used it once in any of my plugins, only because I needed to add a hook in a core file. Since I had to use it, it was easy enough to also use if for template and settings changes as well. Overall it was fairly easy to use, but I am not a fan of requiring third party stuff with my plugins. I suppose if I included it in my plugin's package it would be less of an issue.
Personally I am not a fan of using 3rd party plugin libraries either, I think I will stick with making my own function then, certainly worth asking though and down the track I can easily include it if i need to
I've used it a few times (MyAlerts requires it along with a few private plugins I've written). It cuts development time and just makes life easier.
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