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Full Version: FASTyle 2.3
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FASTyle is an all-in-one suite which dramatically improves and speeds up assets management, including templates, stylesheets and javascripts. FASTyle is equipped with a powerful editor and asset manager, giving you fine control over theming development in a single browser tab.

[Image: wdl1Cmp.png]

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Download from the Mods Site or from MyBBoost.
This is fantastic! Really the ultimate time-saver for me personally. You're the man Shade. Big Grin
There are a couple of inconsistent errors I've been experiencing. Sometimes the template won't save until I navigate back to it from the template list. No big deal though, it's already sped up my workflow 10x haha.
It may be caused by temporary slowdowns of your server. I've never experienced it in my early tests, but it might happen that the request does not end well.
This seems useful
Hey Shade, any chance you could add a little JS to make Ctrl + S save the current template/style as well?
Seems like the following is not valid to this plugin:
<?=str_replace('<!--__POSTBIT_THEAD-->', '<div class="thead" title="'.$lang->forum_announcement.'">
		<a href="{$mybb->settings[\'bburl\']}/{$GLOBALS[\'threadurl\']}">'.$lang->forum_announcement.'</a>
</div>', $announcement)?>
@Eric: sure, I'm quite busy at the moment but I will accomplish your request as fast as possible.

@Omar: I don't understand your issue. Does it display an error when saving a template with that snippet of code (which anyway should not be inserted into a template)?
The code is a valid code if using Template Conditionals, however, this plugin refreshes the page instead of saving the template.
I see. I will check this out ASAP as well.
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