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Full Version: Discuss: MyBB 1.2.7 Released - Security & Maintenance Release
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yes,i did it.please check this link
and sorry for off topic discussion
Awesome thanks! Now my forum loads much faster.
Any planned dates for 1.4?
Not at this time.
TylerGillen Wrote:Any planned dates for 1.4?

if(strpos($post['message'], "1.4") !== false)
Okay, thanks for your fast response. I was just curious, as I'm excited to see what you guys came up with.
I'm so glad to see MyBB is so active nowadays -- Upgraded without a problem, thanks a lot for the hard work guys!
Pretty cool, thanks.
Anyone here happen to use MkPortal with MyBB ?
I ask because I want to know if I need to backup the MK DB as well with the forum DB
I am backing up through the MyBB ForumCP

I have never done a full update, just the text patches from 1.2.3. and to now.So I figure I might as well just do it all the way in case a huge change comes soon that the patches wont be enough.
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