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Hello there young trainers, Today must be your 10th birthday, please feel free to select a starter pokémon and embark on your wonderfully exciting adventure in UndellaBay!

UndellaBay is a lovely new pokémon community with a lovely skin.(still finishing up the theme)

Feel free to join us!
Why would you post it here when your theme isn't even done?
Because the theme will be done by noon. I have only a few defaults to edit.
OK. So why not post it at noon :\ I already saw your unfinished site so I am unlikely to want to visit it again.
If it was targeted at you, then I'd care.
And the reason I'm posting now is because a theme doesn't make a forum, the community does.
If all you care about is the skin, then that's you opinion.
Thank you for your feedback.
It's not that it's "all I care about," it's that launching a product and sharing it -- and really, your forum is a product -- while it's incomplete is going to leave a bad taste in the mouth of anyone who sees it.

The community is very important, yes, but there's almost no community on your site now either. And no content. So what is it I'm supposed to see?
lol That's one of the ugliest Pokemon in the new game, and you had to choose that as the logo? Come on, there's better choices.
Theme looks terrific! I agree with weBex though, chose another pokemon. Pikachu or some other emblematic pokemon.
Clearly the logo should be Wailord.
I will be changing the logo shortly, feel free to join Smile
Okay, I edited the logo, and the skin is nearly complete Smile
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