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Full Version: How to change hosts successfully
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Dude, what to do if i've changed them:
$config['database']['type'] = 'mysql';
$config['database']['database'] = '**';
$config['database']['table_prefix'] = '**';

$config['database']['hostname'] = '**';
$config['database']['username'] = '**';
$config['database']['password'] = '**';
great job!
any help if the DB size is more then 50MB
Thank you Smile
(2008-01-22, 11:49 PM)Inferno Wrote: [ -> ]How to change hosts successfully

This tutorial will help you move your mybb community forum to another server/hosting account. If you have any errors or problems please reply or post in the support board.

Step 1

First go into your MyBB administrator control panel and disable all plugins then go down to Database Tools on the left frame and select Backup Database. Once you are brought to a new page on the right you will see a box with all of your database tables, on the left of that you will see "Select All", click that. Now make sure the following fields are checked:

GZIP Compressed
Structure and Data
Analyse and Optimise Selected Tables: YES
Perform a sequential backup? YES

Now it will ask you to download the database file. Save it to your desktop or where ever you want.

Step 2

Download all of your forum files, download the WHOLE forum folder to your computer in your FTP Client.
Go into your new hosting control panel and create a mysql database and user.
Now open /inc/config.php and change it to your new host mysql database information you just created.

Note: only change the following lines:
$config['hostname'] = ' ';
$config['username'] = ' ';
$config['password'] = ' ';
$config['database'] = ' ';
$config['table_prefix'] = 'mybb_';
Now edit /inc/settings.php and edit the settings.

Once you have edited the files, save them and upload your forum folder to your new host using a FTP client.

Step 3

Go into your new hosting control panel and find out how to get into phpmyadmin. Once
you are in phpmyadmin click on your database name on the left. Once you click on the database
you will have access to all of the database tables. Now look at the top on the right for the tab that
says "SQL". Now look down to where it has a browse button and says "Or Location of the text file:".
Click on the browse file to find the Database Backup you downloaded on your old forums.
Then click the "GO" button, once its done it will have inserted all of the database a

Step 4

Go to your new forum URL and it should let you in it, then login with your username and password
from your old forum and then your all set, your forum should work the same as if it was on your
old host.

If you need help with anything just reply Wink


When I click any forum link it takes me to the old host???
rh1n0 Wrote:If you type in your new domain address followed by /admin then you will be directed to the new Admin CP.
Then change (in your settings) the board URL to the new URL, and the other options of a similar nature, obviously.

Before doing so, ensure all files are correctly CHMOD'ed. Smile

So I did everything and have the forum displayed right, but I cannot access and categories or threads, those urls have not transferred right.

Try the forums for yourself, they wont load, just 404 errors.

What do I do???
It says the database table mybb_adminlog already exists. It was just created though during the process. It doesn't work, please help.
What to change in setting.php?
(2012-05-27, 01:15 PM)jeetdholakia Wrote: [ -> ]What to change in setting.php?

Nothing for now. If you get
Quote:When I click any forum link it takes me to the old host???
then you have to change something.
Thanks for the tutorial. This is actually pretty easy.
I am getting an error now. I have changed all the things and the board is fine on homepage. But when i am trying to view a thread its saying like this :
404 Not Found
The resource requested could not be found on this server!

Please help me.
Can you guys tell me what servers and webhost have worked for you the best? with minimal problems?
How do I download the whole forum folder on my desktop?
On FileZilla the Download thing is not selectable.

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