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Full Version: Anything big in Mybb's future?
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I don't exactly see the look of the profile being a big issue, especially since it can be changed by getting another theme.
Well, when I read some posts here (ooooh, that si good, fine...fantastic, etc.etc.) I only must say something very important to ALL MyBB developers!
I have NEW, FRESH, completely radical new IDEA, which will MyBB put in place that will be historic in any direction of any new software that the forum or any other environment! I promise to everyone especially to developers that they will remain astonished that such an idea till now nobody has ever done in any forum software which will MyBB put in place that will be >historic< in any direction of any new software that the forum or any other similar environment! I'm not sure if this will only be able to do, because it is enormous and extremely ingenious ideas in relation to the entire forumski software to date that exists on the internet or in any other environment! Just do not know how I can to protect such an idea according to which hundreds of forum software to look like children's toy or a car 100 years old! If all the MyBB developers are seen in this true success will MyBB fantastic and drastically raise the software not only 2 years in advance, but at least 10-15! I'm not a fool who here tells a story of nonsense and items with MyBB unviable, but also provide ideological leadership MyBB chance to change today's way of viewing the forum software. Here is aimed at software that would be totally FREE and to give every person the possibility of creation that has a real environment and that should not be in the future or a plugin, modification or upgrade! This is a completely revolutionary idea and I ask all developers to publicly promise not to use my idea in your favor! As though they can be sure that people from MyBB steal my idea and then play as your own?
The condition is unique and such as believe, never been done in any forum software, which according to my idea will not be stupid software, but something which change everything in forum software ..... for anyone who wants to do his forum environment and ....
Without any help!
Are you interested developers or not? You have my pm.

The condition is the only means that contact me all of the MyBB team. It is very easy but if you understand it, I'll be happy when I see the faces of incredible thrill as you've seen the first time something in your life. But in mind... That is IDEA! In addition, if the individual did not develop an awareness in this software as it is today, especially forum software. IDEA complete change your mind about todays forum software. If the MyBB team has not been understood what was going on, or if the idea is not liked, then I'll pray MyBB team to promise publicly not to publicly express anything of what I will briefly write-only MyBB team. OK?
The idea was not to write in a place where ideas are written only team directly! Thanks.

(Of course, this message can move where you think fit)
So you're not going to tell us the idea?
(2011-04-24, 04:22 PM)trilobyte- Wrote: [ -> ]So you're not going to tell us the idea?

No, please, read it again my post.
Only if MyBB Team agree to implement such an idea, then it will publicly announce-only MyBB team. I have IDEA, DESIGN and other things in my mind, thats all. Simplest... but veeeeery cool idea. Lightbulb
Please stop taking up bandwidth.
(2011-04-24, 04:37 PM)trilobyte- Wrote: [ -> ]Please stop taking up bandwidth.

my thoughts exactly

get over yourself, media-design
You can always post in private inquiries if you want to leave feedback for the staff.
I lol'd. Hard.
Version emulation for some plugins like in SMF would be nice.
Taking up bandwidth? Really? get over your self every one can post if they want to.
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