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Full Version: It's not April fools anymore.
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But "Free Candy" and 1.8 announcement is still there. Bugs me, 1.8 sounded nice Sad.
I'm actually not sure if the 1.8 update was actually a joke or not...
It was. 99% sure.
1.8 its real or not? Undecided
I don't know, is it? Toungue
(2012-04-03, 01:40 AM)Paul H. Wrote: [ -> ]I don't know, is it? Toungue

Really going to milk the suspense Angel
Trust me, it is Smile.
Considering that the 1.8 announcement was in a serious security update, I would think that the entire article is true.
1.8, hmm. I know if its joke or not. Shy
Maybe the joke was making us all believe that 1.8 was a joke.

You're all cruel. </3
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