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Full Version: MyBB plugins, theming & styling services
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Hi there,

I am interested in the theme plate

Is this possible to purchase?
Giving this thread a new #bump.
Giving this thread a #bump.
Do you have a more recent portfolio?
There's FB link in first post for more recent themes.
(2020-05-21, 12:38 AM)Johnny S Wrote: [ -> ]There's FB link in first post for more recent themes.

It unfortunately does not appear to work
Try now (i've updated first post with my 3 latest themes).
The user is dreadfully precise when answering and provides support at any time of the day, this is truly amazing!
Johnny S is highly professional, precise and clearly knowledgeable of any tasks you provide. He's efficient, quick and takes time to ensure that you understand everything that is going on. I highly recommend any users looking for services to this guy here. He's great Big Grin
Nice service, but is there any chance you could do some custom stuff for games such as minecraft, ark, or rust etc. Would be nice to have custom plugin that would be able to list servers and query then like shown here at .

If you are interested please message me on here and we can discuss the pricing since this will be a large project

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