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Full Version: MyBB plugins, theming & styling services
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Since you've disabled your pms: right now i'm not available for any kind of work.
#Bump, i'm available for work.
(2019-01-03, 10:08 PM)Johnny S Wrote: [ -> ]#Bump, i'm not available for work.

Any ETA when you'll be available again?
Sorry, i've meant that i'm available for work.
I have sent you a private message, take your time to read it Smile
After inactivity i'm available for theme / plugin work. #Bump
Hi, I am looking to engage someone to make a plugin that allows users who prefer a 'Yahoo Groups' style of email based interaction to participate in forum discussions.  Happy to get into further detail, but is this something you would be interested in?

There is/was an old plugin that allowed something similar, though emailed replies to notifications were not parsed, and each reply apparently generated a new thread rather than inserting into existing thread - but there may be some useful strategies to be gleaned from it.
Hi could you create custom minecraft servers toplist plugin? Similar listing as just to be part of mybb engine? So language selections, style customization could be done throught original admincp?

Edit. add my discord pewpew#6678 or pm me on forum here for more details.

Thank you.
Please check your PM

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