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Full Version: MyBB plugins, theming & styling services
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I like this theme What's the price?
It's NOT for sale, it's a CUSTOM theme.
Can you make me 1
Can you help me get a good theme for my Mybb forum. It is a forum that discusses Making Money Online.

I want a theme that will allow me to have banners placed at the top, sidebar, inside Post and bottom of the site.

I also want Text adverts to be allowed to be placed at the sidebar. I want this done at the Right Sidebar.

I want a nice looking theme.

Can you please help me out and what will be your price ?

My forum is :

Hope to hear from you very soon.
I need a custome theme for my budget is around 40$ish So think you can do it and how long?
... i drop you a pm and never get an answer...
Post #12

Quote:It's NOT for sale, it's a CUSTOM theme.

and no, i'm not going to recreate it (same or similar).
Can you make a custom theme for me? I pay...
Sent you a private message, hope to do business.
I've sent u a PM however got no reply. Are u still creating themes?
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