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Full Version: MyBB plugins, theming & styling services
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Absolutely amazing at making plugins, bought a very complicated plugin for only 40$ cheers!
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Johnny S had recently done a plugin for me. The plugin was very well made, it was exactly as I described. The estimated delivery was 2-4 days but Johnny delivered in about 12 hours. I was very impressed by the quality of work I got in that short time. I haven't had any problems with the plugin or had to ask for revisions. Big vouch for Johnny.
Johnny S. is 100% legit. He customized a theme for me and was very professional despite me and my team constantly throwing curve balls. I highly recommend everyone to talk to Johnny before paying $30 an hour for service by going through someone else!

Prices are fair, he is very chilled and he had everything done in a timely manner.
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Johnny recently finished a plugin for me. The plugin was made to my exact specifications and I was always able to contact him with questions or concerns via email. He made countless changes to an already complicated plugin, and overall I am very impressed. I doubt many other developers would go to the lengths Johnny has to satisfy a customer's requests.
Another huge vouch for Johnny S. He is absolutely the best developer I've worked with. Anything you need he does it with ease, no second thought.
I maybe interested in a custom theme. I just want a theme where all/most plugins will work. I've been out of the MyBB/ self hosting forumĀ game for ages, but think I got some plugins to work with just deactivate and then reactivating them..
Would be really interested in a custom theme! Also in your plugins Smile I sent you a smaller PM regarding that.
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