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Full Version: Designers: What do you do when you find a forum that removed your copyright?
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I'm going to re-write your sentence to see if I can make any sense out of it:

Your question re-worded:
Do plugin/theme creators allow me to change their copyright link back....
That's all I can make out out of it. Can you please re-phrase the end bit of your question to be able to answer you correctly?
We aren't talking about affiliate marketing.
FirefoxWiz Wrote:Ah, I'm being kinda lenient with the copyrights and not pressing it. I want people to modify and release my themes for the community.

I don't require them to keep the copyright on anymore. If they want, they can feel free to remove it.

I am doing it for the community. Maybe if enough people start to take my themes, modify them, and release them, the community will have more and more themes. Wink
And this is why I like you Smile.
But I think that is it still resembles your original theme in any way you should get a copyright.

judel Wrote:Wow, I'm surprised this thread hasn't been locked yet. LOL...

I thought this thread would have been locked too... "This thread has run its course" again =P.

My honest opinion is that if your theme resembles mine it should bear my copyright. If it looks nothing like the original, or as I like to say looks like the mother (Toungue lolz), it should be able to bear no copyright.
I think anything majorly visible by the user should have a copyright (ie a theme, major plugin -like MyPlaza, or the software (ie "powered by MyBB").

If you were to walk into a store and but a pack of Oreos and you open the package of Oreos and scrape the "Oreo" text off of the entire package of Oreos itself and re-sell em as your own creation would you think that isn't right? I don't think it's right. I don't think a single person would disagree with me on that.

Audentio Wrote:We aren't talking about affiliate marketing.

Then what are we talking about? Toungue
ahero4heor Wrote:Then what are we talking about? Toungue
I would think that would be obvious, no? Theme copyrights and/or the violation of the copyright (i.e removing or breaking a different statement).

Affiliation is different. It has little to do with work being violated. In most cases, affiliation links are used to express support or gratitude to a website for either a service or requirement for a service. They are never bound by any means to keep that link on there, it is always at their own discretion.
You know Audentio, this subject has been kinda eating on me. I was thinking, there has to be a better easier way for those who release plug-ins and themes to make sure their copyrights are being used. So now keep in mind this isn't fool proof. This idea would also take the consideration of Chris. What would be wrong with in the downloads area, before a user can download anything, if the plug-in creator or theme maker require copyrights to be shown, that they can choose to have the end user fill out a form that includes their website URL. That form then can be forwarded to the author for verification and up-load approval. Or better yet, in the authors area after log-in, show the requests with URL so it can be verified, and have the ability for seperate approval submission. It's certainly an extra step in reminding them they need to have a copyright in place also.

Just a thought, maybe a bad one. So keep in mind, this is just a thought. Smile Don't be grilling me for lunch anyone.. But thoughtful input is nice Smile
Good idea hemi, but what stops them from having more than one board (less popular), registering the plugin to that and not having the copyright on another board (more popular)?
Now thats not a bad idea. But there would always be the "I want to keep my forum private" and the fact that people could very easily lie if their intent was malicious. All in all, it would definitely help those who really want their copyright respected.
Yeah, the idea's flawed but an attempt none the less that you have thought of, and much more thoroughly than I have.

My suggestion would be to have each and every copy include a .txt file... Then, by modification through the templating system (some way) have the .txt file's code displayed, and then checked via some other modification that the .txt file is an original. Whether it be checking the data and comparing against another file, or having the modification date checked.

My idea seems good to me, but none the less impossible... It may not be, although. I thought this up on the spot, so I have no idea of this.
Good question.

I would hope that the people herein who use our designs are responsible and respective enough to leave the Copyrights. I've always made sure that my Copyright is not removed, but it's a big e-world out there and unfortunately all we can do is kindly contact them and ask them to put the Copyrights back up. If they refuse, I put them on a black list - a list stating who owns/runs the board, and state that our copyright was removed.

This generally ends up turning into a massive on-slaught of my e-friends, and they make their board into one cesspit full of spam - just as Jag does. If they don't want our Copyrights, than clearly they don't want our support or our themes. It's also disrespectful to the forum software providers.
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