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Full Version: Condition and vb navbar for 1.20
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But flick,
did you see that the size of column is different in different section !! Can you fix it ? I belive you can....
Murad12s: I would suggest having a poke around the code yourself and seeing if there's something you can tweak Smile One learns a lot quicker this way ^^
Thanks for your suggestion just help me to solve this problem for last time and tell me the source of searching code....
As before, it would most probably be the Forum Bit Templates > forumbit_depth2_forum. If not, view the source on the page itself, and look through the Forum Bit Templates section (there will be a few templates under this 'heading') and the match. This assumes knowledge of HTML and such.
Well just i revert to original code of Forum Bit Templates > forumbit_depth2_forum: And it is ok now Smile Then why do i need to add extra code on forumbit_depth2_forum ???
Glad it worked out, murad12s Smile And thanks for posting yuour solution.

The extra code was suggested by Oktay (first post of this thread) but from what you've said, it seems as though it's not necessary anymore ^^
I have this follow problem with the GREAT! Theme...

I am using the Black rose theme...

Its is only viewing the Threads. It is just sticking out a bit, Lol
Anyone can make the condition and vb navbar works perfectly with MyBulletin theme?
Perhaps you could post a screenshot of your problem?
i wouldn't mind doing it but i have no clue how you give sql commands to change those templates. If it was just files i could do it no problem.
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