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Full Version: Condition and vb navbar for 1.20
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Help..i dont know whats going on but heres a screen shot to futher explain.
Just to check that all the template edits have been made? Smile See post #1, although some further edits will be needed as well once these have been done.

The important one might be post #95.
well i did everything but the functions thing because everything time i try i get this

Fatal error: Call to undefined function generate_post_check() in /home/deuce/public_html/forum/global.php on line 46
Sorry, I should mention this post as well for functions.php
Is it possible to get the Mod and all the Changes in One Post? For the Better Overview?!
I read this thread since 30 mins but dont get through. Thx
You could always try searching within the thread, but if it's of any help:

Post #138

Bearing in mind I haven't used this for a while so the edits are a little dated, and as far as I know, would only work for 1.2. Hopefully it might just need a little tweaking to work for MyBB 1.4.x.
(2008-06-28, 04:53 AM)Famous Wrote: [ -> ]Help..i dont know whats going on but heres a screen shot to futher explain.

The spacers displaying a "0" were an issue in the xml export import and got added during that process..., so you would need to edit the header templates and find the "0's" in question....., that will kill the gaps..., now it appears that you don't have the proper functions uploaded hence why the welcome menu is messed up..., but again this particular template was only updated to 1.2.9 if I remember correctly and I never got around to updates for it on any later mybb releases..., so again that could be another issue for you..., I was going to update it for 1.2.13 but then 1.4.x came out and I decided to discontinue the release for 1.2.x series..., at some point I may port it to MyBB 1.4.x but at the moment my schedule is rather full. So good luck and let me know if you get it working properly for later releases. Thnx.
@flick: From what i read its meant that there is NO Mod for mybb 1.4.2? Or do i missunderstand something? Kinda confusing Wink
@sKippah: The plugin was originally built to work with MyBB 1.2.0 (hence 1.20 Big Grin) but with some additional tweaks to templates, it's also definitely worked for the rest of the 1.2.x series (since I've tried it)

However, I am not sure if it works with 1.4x as well, since I no longer use this plugin, but I did PM the plugin author at one point, and he had said that he wouldn't be updating it for 1.4x.
Zinga has a current one for 1.4x around here somewhere I believe.
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