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Full Version: Condition and vb navbar for 1.20
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it works! thx for that modification. I´ve got a question: if i want to use some more dropdown menus, which codes do i have to use?
is this work with MyBB 1.2.3?!!!
yes it does
woooow, thnx I'll check it out!!
no there is little error

Fatal error: Call to a member function run_hooks() on a non-object in D:\wamp\www\b\inc\functions.php on line 146
that`s a problem with the functions.php provided in the pakeage. try the attached one
Thanks for the fix, DonNemesis Big Grin
Following on from my previous post- I was wondering - do users of this mod find that they can't upload avatar anymore? Smile Thanks!
Sorry about posting so many times in the same thread! Attached is Don-Nemesis' functions.php with the extra security fix released today as part of the 1.2.4 update.

EDIT 5/4/2007 - Further 'fix' with reference to this thread:

EDIT 16/05/2007 - If you upgraded to 1.2.7 and 'lost' the functions.php, please find the newly attached file.

EDIT 01/07/2007 - With reference to Vintagedaddyo's post on page 7, please find the new version for 1.2.8 here:
Is their any screenshot???
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