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Full Version: Condition and vb navbar for 1.20
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Cool_Guy Wrote:could you please make this a plug-in?  My head is spinning with all this template stuff. Toungue

i agree it would make it so much easier
I wouldn't mind a screen shot or something. Toungue
rh1n0 Wrote:I wouldn't mind a screen shot or something. Toungue


Here's a peak.Toungue
Edit: By the way, thanks for this awesome mod Oktay.Big Grin
I like the idea. But not the fact that you have to click on a the menu title for it to pop down. How do I change it so that the menu drops down, by hovering the mouse over the top.
onclick="return openMenu(this)"
onmouseover="return openMenu(this)" onmouseout="return closeMenu(this)"
Thanks for the prompt response Big Grin

Given it a try and works great. However should the menu close automaticlly when the mouse is removed. Because i still have to click onanother part of the page to clear.

I can live with this however, it would tidy things up if this can be changed.
It should close automaticlly when you remove your mouse.
Although there might be something wrong in the javascript.
Looks great and tidy. But why doesnt it work in Opera? The drop down list doesnt show up. I also tried the 'mousehover' option you mentioned but no gain. Could you suggest some code for opera to work?
Also it somehow messed up my Forums' stats and some other stuff at the end of the page. Please check it out:
Thanks in advance.
strange now the drop down menue for CP shows itself but empty(in Opera). But the search menu is ok
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