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Full Version: Condition and vb navbar for 1.20
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You can see it 'in-action' from a guest perspective at but I've uploaded a screenshot below of what it looks like when logged in:


Hope this helps Smile
It doesnt work well for me Sad. It has a 0 on top and below the main table, plus it looks very weird. The guest log-in box is also visible to members which is weird. They are already logged in.

Perhaps it is because I am using 1.2.4?
I'm also using 1.2.4 - that's the screenshot you see above Smile

Make sure you're using the updated functions.php from Page 6 though rather than the one packaged in the file.
Im having trouble with the CSS, now. Even when I edit it, it comes up transparent...
Just looking at your forum (on a side note perhaps you wouldn't mind affixing screenshots on your theme info page Big Grin) and it seems when not logged in the 'search' dropdown has a transparent bg... is this what you mean?

Also... if you use the functions.php on page 6, please remember to apply the fix for 1.2.4 with regards to uploads.
Updated functions.php on page 6. Not sure if there's a real change from before but since 1.2.7 seems to be such a major upgrade...
Does anyone know how to add more dropdown menus like the USERcp one? I´d like to have e.g. a menu called Games, where the Submenus are "GameSection" "Betting" and "RPG"
On the first page of the thread, there's instructions on how to change the template, and the 'Header' part is where the menu is located, so I guess that's where any changes should be made?
flick Wrote:Sorry about posting so many times in the same thread! Attached is Don-Nemesis' functions.php with the extra security fix released today as part of the 1.2.4 update.

EDIT 5/4/2007 - Further 'fix' with reference to this thread:

EDIT 16/05/2007 - If you upgraded to 1.2.7 and 'lost' the functions.php, please find the newly attached file.

Anyone have an updated Don-Nemesis' functions.php for 1.2.8 ?
Yes I to would like to know if the new one is out.
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