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Full Version: Eww! What happened to MyBB theme?
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I think everything is fine, but the thead can be decreased a little bit, i think it's to big.
Definitely not a fan of this new theme. As a default theme it is acceptable, people should be changing that anyway. But for the design of the main website it feels very plain and stale. I was hoping for something nice and colorful like the old theme, to show off Mybb's power. But at the moment it is sort of boring.
The default theme isn't for everyone to like. I think once the designers take a crack at it, there will be some nice themes released.
matter of taste. I like new 1.8 theme very much.
as default theme, I like it.
But of course I do not like people using the default theme, and this one should be taken only as an example ...
Can install a few "dark" background themes for us users to be able to "choose" from while we browse the site ?

As much as I love this theme, lots of us have "very sensitive eyes", and this white BG is "extremely" bright.
Somebody call an ambulance! a graphic designer, quick!

The first thing I did was check my CP for an alternative skin. . .sorry, nothing there!
Coders usually do NOT make good designers. 
Black/Blue/White are not complementary. is a good example as showcased in the themes style forum.
(2014-08-13, 06:48 PM)CloudyBright Wrote: [ -> ]Coders usually do NOT make good designers. 

Hold on. The person who designed the new theme/website/apart theme series is a designer, not a coder...
I like the way the forum looks but I wish MyBB would be classic postbit by default. It would be a nice change. 1.8's default classic postbit is superior to the current style in every way.
You can change the postbit layout in you're settings.
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