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Full Version: Eww! What happened to MyBB theme?
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(2014-08-13, 01:43 PM)Destroy666 Wrote: [ -> ]A matter of taste. Personally, I like it much more than 1.6 theme. Especially the non-hardcoded HTML.

This. I'm not sure why people would dislike it.
(2014-08-14, 05:42 PM)Tom K. Wrote: [ -> ]
(2014-08-14, 04:00 PM)Vanz Wrote: [ -> ]
(2014-08-13, 08:58 PM)Eric J. Wrote: [ -> ]For anyone that needs a darker background for browsing the site, there's always Stylish.

I installed on Firefox and it's working on , but not working for or .

And help is appreciated


What do you mean by "its not working"? You'll have to make your own styles for it, if i recall correctly there are no public styles yet! ^_^

I  went to the link, followed instruction about finding styles, put in the search box, from the "results" returned I choose 1 and click "Install" , I thought that's all I  needed  to do :O

After install I came back to thinking it would show the screen with the new theme.
Because I searched there for "", and from the result I chose and  installed a style, now when I visit the colors from the style is displayed on the youtube pages. Thought  it would be the same on  Huh
This new theme is way better as compared to the default 1.6 theme. Especially I love when I surf it through my tablet.
The problem is the white background! Please put #f1f1f1 instead of pure white.
Justin needs to change the forum icons.
I think the current theme is a good step on the way to a different design. It looks more contemporary while still looking like MyBB. I think it would be too jolting to go for the super clean look now. I also think the new theme is a better starting place for modifying a forum. At least for me. I adapted the beta version to fit the general look of my site, and I think it came out better.
(2014-08-15, 03:28 PM)Jabberwock Wrote: [ -> ]The problem is the white background! Please put #f1f1f1 instead of pure white.

I like the color HEX Big Grin
The background image is back! Smile
I wouldn't go as far as calling this theme modern but I like it more than the old one.
Was a big suprise to visit the MyBB site/forum and see the new theme. Overall though, I like it. It's clean, organized and easy on the eyes. Good job team!
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