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Full Version: Eww! What happened to MyBB theme?
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Did someone hack the forum?
As wonderfully coded as MyBB is, the current theme is terrible.
This is the 1.8 theme Smile
This is exactly what I said. I'm very excited for MyBB 1.8 and the wealth of features it holds, but strongly dislike the new theme it has. I would love to see the MyBB 1.6 theme made available for 1.8. There shouldn't be too many template changes hopefully.
A matter of taste. Personally, I like it much more than 1.6 theme. Especially the non-hardcoded HTML.
The new theme is quite a huge improvement over the 1.6 version. It'd be extremely hard for anyone to make a case for the opposite, at least one that holds water.

But like Destroy said, personal taste comes in. There's a reason some people love antiques. :3
This theme is way more modern and beautiful, moreover, you don't have to like the default theme as barely anyone would keep this as it is, and would install a custom theme Smile
Loving this new theme and the changes, Great job team.
Whow, great job! Smile
For those of you who don't care for it (such as myself), I made a few tweaks that you can enable through your browser extensions
I think you guys could use better forum icons and theme images.
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