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Full Version: Discuss: MyBB Goes Open Source, Now GNU GPL v3 Licensed
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Congratulations MyBB team!
And thank you!
Thanks for this change, I'm gonna be using this software again as I stopped. Thanks again.
Also congrats from my side! Nice move!
This loved this board before, but now it's even better Wink
But really, mybb is outstanding.
Nice Move!!

Thanks Chris and Mybb Group Big Grin
This will be great for all those coders who want to make apps for mybb.
GNU license?

Tobe or not tobe, i allway put "Powered by MyBB" on my site Smile
I don't think much will change. Although we may see some forks now and the Joomla community may support us better.

But I don't see much changing to be honest.
Great news, congratulations!
And thanks MyBB Team.
Well done MyBB Group.
and congratulations for all of us.
I have a little question. for the mybb 'powred by' sign, you said if someone removes it, he well not get supported.
is that include the mybb website url? I mean that we can remove the link and keep the 'powred by mybb' and get supported as well?
Wait wait wait...
First of all, that are fantastic news and does that mean we can modify, rename and realease it (under the GNU) with the new name as long as the "Copyright © 2002-2008 MyBB Group" stays in the footer and as long as the "normal" copyright notices etc. stays in the header of the .php files?

I'm just curious.
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