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Full Version: MyChat, a minimal and powerful AJAX chat for MyBB 1.8
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(2016-02-01, 12:05 AM)SAEED.M Wrote: [ -> ]1. Is any option for choose show in index or only private conversation?
for example, if admin choose only private, index box not show and users only can have private conversation!

Can be developed as a feature, but I personally find it unuseful. Private conversations are already built-in in the chat, there's no need to set the chat viewable only by specific user. Please elaborate the request with pros and cons of adding the feature and I may consider adding it. If you are wondering, there's already a setting that prevents certain usergroups from viewing the chat.

(2016-02-01, 12:05 AM)SAEED.M Wrote: [ -> ]2. is any way for manage and see conversation between 2 users?

Administrators can't see others' conversations. This would be equal to admins being able to read normal PMs on the forum. Such a feature will never be developed. However, administrators can post as any other users using the syntax shortcut /say [user]: [message].

(2016-02-01, 12:05 AM)SAEED.M Wrote: [ -> ]3. can add report chats?? and manage this on reports center?

Reports will be added in the future.

(2016-02-01, 12:05 AM)SAEED.M Wrote: [ -> ]4. this is possible to sync this plugin with MyAlert plugin for start private conversation? or mention in groups?

The chat will already have its stand-alone notification system. Since MyAlerts works using separated AJAX calls, there's no need to stress the server with them. The algorithm, other than handling the incoming messages, will also determine if there are new private messages.
It's looking good,
Nice job man, it has an incredibly professional look and feel to it. I always keep entertaining the idea of remaking Infernoshout for 1.8 but it is a lot of hard work for little pay off so it makes sense why you decided to monetize it. At the same time, it's kind of a shame it isn't open source though, because I would love to help contribute to it whenever I'm bored. I think if this were free it could easily become the #1 plugin.
I can't send messages ^^ I enter a message, press enter and the message does not appear. Instead I get an error message above the message field...

Browser: Chrome
Blink: 537.36 (@0)
JavaScript: V8

Error Message:
Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'avatar' of undefined
Line number: 969

Corresponding line:
.find('.' + this.classes.avatar).attr('src', user.avatar).end()
Thank you for the report. I will investigate.

The issue has been solved.
good work
When we can get this?
MyChat will be available for Gold subscribers in late March / early April 2016.
looking good
very professional and very smooth
some issues with double posting but already fixed
thumbs up Wink
Looks nice, I tested the editing, I encountered a bug though.

When you edit and click away, the box still stays, even if you post another message.
Intended or bug?

I have no idea how private messages work yet, but I'll discover it.

First impression: 8/10 - Unique, but I haven't seen everything yet.

On the other note; Why private message me? I'm sort of new to these boards. (I come from using phpBB)

EDIT #1: I found out how private messaging works, neat!
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