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Full Version: MyChat, a minimal and powerful AJAX chat for MyBB 1.8
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logged in as requested. Two questions

A, Can you or will you be able to restrict users based on groups?

B, Will it have a who is online bar?

I also got a php error when using twitter to register but it only flashed up and then I was able to type a message in both public and private chat

also as suggested already, I would like it too open on a new window via a link. The chat / shoutbox I am using now does me fine except it doesnt have a list of who is actually in chat. if it had that I would be happy
Of course there will be the chance to restrict usergroups as well ban certain users from viewing a specific chatbox. A "Who's online" list will be included too, however since it takes up extra resources it will be available as an inactive-by-default option.

The chat will be appended to the bottom of the page once you scroll and hide it (available as an option), but you won't be able to open it in a separate window, because that's not what an inline chat is meant to be.
good enough for me
Works fine for me Smile
Sending spam pm to users is NOT good promotion Sad
Sorry to have bothered you, you won't be contacted again.

Thank you to all you guys who have tested the chatbox and posted their thoughts – everything is appreciated.
The site won't let me login. It takes me to a page where it says I entered my correct login details, and then it goes back to the forum but logged out.

Can you add a feature that allows people to disable the option of being able to remove messages that have been posted to the chat room?
I´ve ever receive an error of type bla bla bla and no send nothing i can not find the way to change avatar

Options & profile or edit profile....

I can not send private to users, no send messages, i need another thing ??

Maybe do a post or activate account or something ???

Thanks in advance...

Well testing xD
I was updating the chat's code when you visited the site and everything was broken. Now it is accessible again. I've also added a "Change avatar" panel in your UCP.
Not able to post. No post area.
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