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Full Version: MyChat, a minimal and powerful AJAX chat for MyBB 1.8
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I will consider adding an optional settings to enable socket connections. I'm quite unfamiliar with Node.js and Ratchet although I've header of them in the past, so I will need someone who knows those frameworks and help me to deal with them, but at the moment I'm concentrating my efforts on MyFacebook Connect and iDLChat development is temporary suspended.
(2013-04-02, 09:25 AM)Euan T Wrote: [ -> ]Not every server can run Node. Most in a shared environment can't... If anything, Ratchet would be the best solution, but then you're still limiting the number of possible end users.
I know, that's why I said that the server should also be provided. I mean that the messages should be sent to a remote server. It is not very difficult, the problem is that the remote server would not have access to the forum database, and thus some kind of user authentication would be needed. For example lets say that each forum has a unique key that the remote server knows. When a user loads the shoutbox, he sends his username and the md5( private_key+username ) to the remote server. This way the remote server can check if the md5 is correct, and then that user is allowed to send messages to the shoutbox.

Well, it's just a fast example, it should be improved so that the key changes upon time, or the remote server asks the forum some info when a user connects.
Yes, but that also adds another external dependency. It also means Shade would have to maintain said external chat server at a cost to himself. I agree it would be a nicer solution, but it's not particularly viable for many MyBB forums.
Is this still in development, or is there an offical release yet.
I'm keeping it private at the moment. No release dates planned.
no worries hope it will be rreleased soon.
wow awesome thing like it better then SMF Shoutbox
Just dropping my interest in here again, whether the plugin is paid or not.
I haven't had the chance to get on it in the past months. Maybe this summer I'll be more active on it.
Sounds very promising! I'm looking forward to use it on my board! Smile

Really good job, Shade! (as always!)
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