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Full Version: MyChat, a minimal and powerful AJAX chat for MyBB 1.8
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Looks great Wink

can we add newline while posting a message ?
how can I close my private messaging with a person ?

some suggestions :
  • show online members
  • mention users in chat and notify them without sending them a message
download link?
(2016-02-11, 05:27 PM)RWRobi Wrote: [ -> ]download link?

If you would've read it before asking, you could've seen that it'll be an myBBoost exclusive paid plugin, only 5 most interested and active people will get it for free.

There is no link, there will only be one if you pay him, when it's available to be bought.
Yeah, pretty much as @Joann said. Also, these five people will need to subscribe if they are willing to receive support and future updates to the plugin.

Thank you for trying the MyChat experience guys, and also thank you for spotting new bugs which I already fixed. Every report or suggestion counts. The plugin is growing day by day and it's simply amazing for me that so many people are supporting the project.
I love how Shade is doing updates constantly, I got a feeling this will be new generation chat for myBB forums.
Keep up the good work!
(2016-01-30, 05:05 AM)exalented Wrote: [ -> ]wow! this looks awesome!

This is a test. I just made an account here to help Shade test this. The site looks GREAT! I'm jealous and want this really badly XD. Looks clean and VERY user friendly. All messages are obviously displayed and you can read them nicely! Once again >> Great << work and keep on keepin' on! EDIT: Wow nice editing feature! Although it jumps up and down like this when you are typing... >> << Firefox - 43.0.4 - Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit

This problem is now fixed for me Wink Great work! Love it!
[Image: fry_drooling.gif]

my god it's beautiful
when is going to release? look awesome Smile
Late March or early April. Still a long way to go.
It's nice. It lags when I type on mobile! It has a few bugs.

You could add a feature were you can make it a separate tab on the navigation bar. (Like were forums tabs etc are) and make it a separate page. But you would have to add the CSS for it. It would be a nice idea.
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