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Full Version: MyChat, a minimal and powerful AJAX chat for MyBB 1.8
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Of course. I replied about your tip in the development board.
I've just finished to build up the biggest update from this plugin's birth. It features a complete code revision for even more powerful performances and the final code section dedicated to sticky shouts feature which is now fully functional.

A big step has been made ahead to the first public beta version which I decided that I'll release for free.

The new iDLChat version is available to test here.
I know it's a beta, but do you believe it's stable enough to try on an active forum? I can help test it that way to get some end-user feedback.
Well it has been in intensive testing on iDeviceLAB for 1 month, I think it's quite stable. But while the front-end runs perfectly there are some back-end unstable things I have to fix. PM me if you want to be part of my beta testing plan.
do you include option to add shoutbox header/footer

also when you plan to release premium version
The shoutbox's theming is completely customizable within the Templating system. I don't know and I can't think about a release date atm.
Do you have guest shouting enabled? As I don't see why the shout field should be enabled for non-registered users. Besides that, looking forward to it.
I fixed this issue in the new version which is running on my site but I haven't updated the one in the test board yet.
Good job Shade. This seems to be a very good plugin, and probably the best shoutbox for mybb.

But as they have already pointed, ajax requests can DDoS the server. You can optimize queries, sleep for 10 seconds between requests, pause synchronization... or even more complex solutions, like long polling. But you will keep ddosing the server, because running a php script with apache is very expensive, and you can't change that.

The good news are that you can use other tools, instead of php and ajax. For example Node.js. You can probably change to Node.js without rewriting too much code, and the performance would be absolutely awesome. Imagine you change your 1s delay to 0, that's how it should work with nodejs, real time, without server load.
The problem is that people probably can't run Node.js in a shared hosting. You need a VPS or a dedicated server to install Node.js, or a shared hosting with Node.js enabled (really weird).
So, this is not a solution, unless you provide a server that will act as the chat server for all the users. Not a problem, but you will have to deal with user authentication and things like that... It's probably possible, just think about it.

So, if you really want to make a fast shoutbox, forget ajax. Do not waste your time trying to optimize ajax calls or queries, just make them reasonable and try to move to Node.js or similar in the near future. If you need help with Node, PM me.

Anyways, good luck and gj!
Not every server can run Node. Most in a shared environment can't... If anything, Ratchet would be the best solution, but then you're still limiting the number of possible end users.
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