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Full Version: MyChat, a minimal and powerful AJAX chat for MyBB 1.8
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If you ever make a beta testing team, Shade, please include me. I am trying to get rid of Myshoutbox and yours seems a very good alternative. I hope it gets released soon.
Can you add option (on/off) sound notification when somebody added new shout?
Hi, news about this plugin?
Well, the plugin has grown in size and features over the past months but I haven't posted any update here (yet). Eg. SCEditor support, delete all shouts of a single user, even more reliable parsing system with server or client engine, edit a shout, ... Unfortunately, I don't know if I will ever release it to the public.
I'm bringing this again at your kind attention because I've been resurrecting the project and installed it on my new site/test board. The feature list is still the same, but at this stages I can ensure the plugin will come out around March 2016. I have some exams before that month and cannot dedicate all my time to its development, but it will definitely be completed someday around that date. I still don't know if it will be free or paid, but, given there are more advanced shoutbox out there for MyBB 1.8, it's likely I will give it away together with Flyover as a single-time purchase worth 15€ on MyBBoost, where you can try an early demo of the plugin.
Shoutbox works very nicely Smile
Some news on the progress
Here are some news on the project and its development. You can give it a go by visiting, just register using either the normal procedure or using your favorite social network.

When it comes to editing, MyChat is extremely neat. Double click a message (or click on the edit button under the options menu), see the textarea kicking in, add your content and press Enter. The message will be edited and your edits shown to everyone in real time thanks to the same message handling algorithm explained above. Textareas can be automatically resized as you type, just enable the option from your AdminCP.

Multiple forums, channels and private messages
MyChat already supports multiple forums. You can create a chatbox for how many forums you like with one click of a button. Every chat has its own settings panel and messages can be fetched either from an existing chatbox or be a stand-alone chatbox with its own messages.

Something I am working on at the moment is multiple channels and private messages support.

Moderation has been developed with simplicity in mind. A dropdown visual menu lets you edit or delete a specific message and ban an user with ease. Alongside visual commands, MyChat comes also with textual commands IRC-like, such as /kick {user/uid}, /delete {all/user/uid}, /announcement {message}.

[Image: W4SfwqX.jpg]

[Image: udlwBdI.png]

[Image: aqHIwOT.png]

[Image: IV9JHnb.png]

[Image: FH8CfyN.png]
wow! this looks awesome!

This is a test. I just made an account here to help Shade test this. The site looks GREAT! I'm jealous and want this really badly XD. Looks clean and VERY user friendly. All messages are obviously displayed and you can read them nicely! Once again >> Great << work and keep on keepin' on! EDIT: Wow nice editing feature! Although it jumps up and down like this when you are typing... >> << Firefox - 43.0.4 - Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit
i just registered and using it now, so far i love it but i will try to be active for sometimes,

awesome job!
I have some question.
1. Is any option for choose show in index or only private conversation?
for example, if admin choose only private, index box not show and users only can have private conversation!

2. is any way for manage and see conversation between 2 users?

3. can add report chats?? and manage this on reports center?

4. this is possible to sync this plugin with MyAlert plugin for start private conversation? or mention in groups?

Thanks for Great Work.
This is very useful plugin. Thanks Wink
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