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Full Version: MyChat, a minimal and powerful AJAX chat for MyBB 1.8
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I tried it out on his forums, seems pretty good to me.
Thanks @Shade for that option i think someone use that function i know i can go to url but maybe a click on avatar or this option is very usefull.

Anyway i receive at login this message again, then i try to send and got the error again. I go out and message appears, but i attach a preview of how i see it again.

If this may serve.

I use windows 10 64 bits and Mozilla Firefox.
(2016-03-04, 10:17 AM)lukasamd Wrote: [ -> ]Sending spam pm to users is NOT good promotion Sad

Jesus would ya relax, the guys asking for a few people to beta test a function
Looks very nice Shade.
It's been a long time since MyChat's development has started and mostly due to my uni commitments I could not touch a line of code during the past months. However, since I've recently been enjoying an off-studying period, I have improved the original MyChat's code to adapt it to a scalable, easier to maintain structure.

No ETAs as always, but I'm nearly it. The plugin has reached sufficient stability with the latest patches, which include an exciting new feature: infinite scrolling for old messages, which can be now read just by scrolling upwards. To read all the bug fixes and improvements applied, read the development thread while to try the new version visit the homepage.

I would like to thank everyone who has tested and will test MyChat in the future. You have helped me perfecting it a lot.
A preliminary implementation of group conversations is now available into MyChat. Read the latest update to know the full changelog. I still need active testers, so don't hesitate to register and try the chat! Smile
this looks kinda died out how's the progress of this coming?
I have recently begun working on the old issues MyChat has been having since I stopped its development. Don’t expect a release soon, but things are coming along pretty good for it if the equilibrium I have found in my spare time does not break.
hey any news? Smile
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