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Full Version: MyChat, a minimal and powerful AJAX chat for MyBB 1.8
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10/10 would buy this plugin again.

I know the popular opinion here is that shoutboxes kill forums, but this one seems so well-made that it'd be hard to pass up buying a version of it.
chat must be only visible on index page or to create new page maybe best both option with switch on/off
That's what you are already able to do. You can manage your own preferred chat position just by adding them to Forums you need a chat into, or the Homepage itself.

Check this ACP screenshot out:
This looks great. I hated shoutbox due to the fact that you are limited and server resources. With this, even though it may still use a few more resources than regular plugins, the features would even it out. Good Luck!
I ensure it doesn't use more resources than "regular" ones, and instead it uses fewer resources compared to other plugins. It stops sending queries when you are not watching it plus it wastes only one query per request as others already do. It's impact on server resources is fairly low actually.
any release date, i am interesting for premium version of this plugin

this summer maybe??
Maybe. It'll be released when it's ready. Being honest I have thought about it and I would like to build my own modular system for it, avoiding multiple versions. I'll probably release the basic version for free as I've already planned but I will release paid modules with "premium" features.

I really don't know what to do at the moment. I'm taking a break after a busy period, I don't want to think too much about it.
fair enough
i actually tried the SB, looks great m8
keep up the good work
Hi, could you add also smilies?
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