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Full Version: Discuss: MyBB 1.2 Released
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/clap Looks great, keep it up.
So I guess we loose all our modifactions and skins again?

I just upgraded to version prior to this and just got it all setup and now I'm guessing I get to do it all over again? Updates like this are evil. Course I am kidding - but augh.
Where can i change default encoding in admin CP? I have uft-8 and i want to change it to ise-8859-2.
Quote:Where can i change default encoding in admin CP? I have uft-8 and i want to change it to ise-8859-2.
Chris Boulton Wrote:
Daniel Milford Wrote:Upgraded to 1.2 on my Norwegian board, everything worked fine except all the Norwegian-specific letters, namely æ, ø and å (in html æ ø and &aringWink, in all posts, forum names etc. turned into question marks.

Why? It's not a problem with new posts, and I can edit forum names without a problem, but will I ever get æøå back into 15 000 old posts?
You need to make sure the character set you were previously using in your previous language pack (set in the {language}.php file in inc/languages) is set for your current board.
Ok thx but i have one more problem. If i want to access ACP i got that message:
Quote:No valid administration session was found.
How to fix it?
Just login.. Wink this is new in 1.2
Chris Boulton Wrote:Please discuss MyBB 1.2 Released here.

Hi I used the patch but got a big fat white screen for both admin and the board online.
So I reverted back to 1.8.
I am trying to use the installer now on a new website to see if it works. So hopefully I will be able to put the database and changes I have made to the new one.
Any suggestions as to why I got a big fat white screen????
You don't patch those files to upgrade.

You have download a new package of MyBB 1.2/1.2.1 and overwrite all your files except config.php & settings.php, and then you run /install/upgrade.php to upgrade to MyBB 1.2/1.2.1

The upgrade from MyBB 1.1.8 -> MyBB 1.2/1.2.1 is different from the upgrade last time, it does not consists of patching only.
Hi thanks I didn't do that I will try that. I did a new directory with the 1.2.1 and it works well except I need my info from 1.8
Will let you know how I go.

Actually I use dreamweaver to ftp to my server.
I am a little scared to write over my whole board file with the new one as it might lose some of the things I have already done. Do I have to use the installer?
What I mean is I download the new 1.2 and upload it over the existing 1.8? If so the pages I have changed e.g. plugins, they will be written over.

Sorry had a fright with blank pages before re-installing the 1.8 so I am worried about having to do it all over again.....hours later....Shall try and let you know
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