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Full Version: Discuss: MyBB 1.2 Released
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Should it still say
Quote:Welcome to the upgrade wizard for MyBB 1.2 Beta.
This already has been fixed.
Version Check
Here you can tell if your MyBB is up-to-date.
Your Version: 1.2 Beta (120)
Latest Version: 1.2 (120)

Er... Can anyone explain? I just did a fresh install.
Chris forgot to update that. Smile

No problem, you have the latest version.
It is related to the problem that was previously reported. You do indeed have the latest version, however.

To remove it, open up inc/class_core.php and change:
var $version = "1.2 Beta";

var $version = "1.2";

Alternatively, grab the release off the site again and replace inc/class_core.php
Okay. Thanks then. Wink
Have you also removed the Beta licence agreement bit where you have to type in "I AGREE" to continue?
Downloading now. If i knew it were to be released today I would have woken up an hour before now Toungue
The site was closed an hour before Big Grin
If you woke up an hour ago, it wasn't even released then. XD
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