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Jeff Wrote:
Jasiu Wrote:I am an main admin but can't manage my language packs:
"MyBB Error
Access Denied
You do not have permission to access this part of the administration control panel."

You need to edit /inc/config.php and make yourself a super admin.
Then go to the ACP > Admin Permissions and allow yourself to edit language packs.

Paretje Wrote:
Chris Boulton Wrote:[]
Where i can find the changed files and to upgrade manually?

The entire release can be considered the changed files package because every single file has changed - most, a lot of them have changed.

Paretje Wrote:There are many bugs in the upgrade script!

Testers were asked to test the upgrade scripts and any problems they found were fixed, we also tested them here and fixed any problems we found.

I got that error too, but I haven't seen any effect of that whatsoever. All my settings were converted over perfectly.

I has some errors. There are some things not exist.
Well congrats on you 1.2 release, i recon a lot more ppl will stop asking "When you gona release it" LMAO Big Grin

i have messed up the layout of my forum sort of so i want to know, can i delete all the whole webforum and DB and do a clean install and then dump only the sql file with the data i want to?
Jeff: I'm already super admin but still have no access to managing language packs.

I had these errors too.
Sounds like great news and great new features! I haven't had the time to test it out myself yet. The only downside from what I'm hearing is the template stuff - I have made SO many custom templates for my own websites that re-coding them is going to be a royal PITA.

Is there any way someone could make a modification to somehow save all of the work of old templates into MyBB 1.2? (Personally, I think I know the answer to that question but I'm hoping I am wrong. :-X )

Other than the template stuff, sounds like a great new release.
Thank you Chris and ALL of the other MyBB developers and contributors. Smile

Edit: if I may ask, will this new template system be the last one? I mean, in like MyBB 1.3 or something is there a chance the template structure will change? Because I want to know ahead of time if I have to recode templates from MyBB 1.1 (and before) -> MyBB 1.2 -> MyBB *.*

Basically I just don't want to recode the same template three or more times. If I have to recode from 1.1 (and before) to 1.2, well it will be a PITA but sobeit. But if I have recode from 1.1 (pre) to 1.2 to other future versions, I may was well not recode anything for 1.2 and just wait for the new template structure because it will save me a lot of time.

If you get what I am saying, will this be MyBB's last template structure in which templates from previous versions will have to be re-coded, or will there be more template structures in the future that will mean lots more of recoding?

Thanks in advance.
cragllo Wrote:there should not be two, BEFORE updating you BACKUP the current settings.php and config.php
Delete all the files in the forum folder
upload the NEW files
OVERWRITE settings.php and config.php with the backups you made
and then run the upgrade walkthrough.
OMG! Well, at least you now read the install guide and know that all the actual files and folders get deleted...but I KNOW that! That is what I did! I uploaded the saved settings.php and config.php. They OVERWROTE the new ones, and then I got the same error that most everyone else is getting. I continued with the upgrade, everything seems to be running fine, but there are two of those files now...settings.php and config.php! I didn't even know you COULD have two of the same file in the same I don't know which to delete.

And I feel for you Andy! I really do! Here's hoping that the next major upgrades won't be like this!!!! Got my fingers crossed. LOL Wink

And also before anyone attacks me that this is a free software developed by volunteers. Yes, I know that! and I really really appreciate that something this great is free and is supported by such great people. But you also have to realize that a lot of us have put A LOT of our own time into modifying our own forums and it's just so very disappointing to know that all the effort we've put into it is wasted. That's all! Big Grin

EDIT: I just checked the files, and there are only one of each again. Guess the system fixed itself! Nevermind!
Jasiu Wrote:Jeff: I'm already super admin but still have no access to managing language packs.

I had these errors too.
Did you try going to your Admin Permissions in the Admin CP and changing your own Admin Permissions?
xiaozhu Wrote:
Simulationcity Wrote:Are any of the mods made by the public prebuilt into 1.2? Like the cash mod? Because that's an important part of the site.
No. Cash Mod are more mods and is not basically a feature of a forum at all.

Then why was the cash mod made in the first place? Because the creator thought that it would be a useful addition and several people were requesting such a mod. And I was refering to my site.
this is just amazing news! thanks!
What am I supposed to do about my custom theme?! Sad Sad Sad

This is definitely going to stop me from upgrading...
yes!!! I have been waiting for this for ever, thank you!!! I have planed my upgrade, and i am backing up the site as i type!
also, if i changed the location of my admin cp (i renamed the folder to something like "bfsdf8_njn") will i need to change it back and if i do will i be able to do that in 1.2 but still have the forum work?
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