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Full Version: MyAlerts - a notification/alert system for MyBB
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Looks like I won't be struggling to find people willing to test then Wink I'll try contact people for testing once I reach that stage.
Shoot me a PM if you need some one to test. If you don't need me then PM me when it comes available to the public and I will be sure to download/buy it.
Just a quick update on the current progress. I've added alerts for being quoted in a post, being added to a user's buddy list and receiving a PM. I'm currently adding notifications of replies to your threads.

I've also had a quick look at adding notifications when somebody replies to a thread you've replied in. I know how to do it (I'd use the subscription system as a base - users would have to be subscribed to the thread to get an alert) but I'm still really worried about the number of queries that would be involved in large threads such as the /me thread here at MyBB...
Add a setting on/off in ACP for those who might use larger queries.
I already have settings to enable/disable each alert type as you may want (and will be adding user configurable options too) but I really want to find a way round running so many queries at once haha.
Those queries would be tremendous though. Does xF or IPB have that way? Or the nudges one at iOSnuts?
I've got a copy of nudges my self and I don't believe it even has a nudge for that action. As for xF/IPB, I don't have licenses for either but am really intrigued to see how they do it. My original thought was to hook into the subscription system but there's no hooks for it and it just uses the mail handler anyway.

Also, I updated the OP with a link to the github repo for anybody feeling adventurous and wishing to try out the current (extremely early) version.
since you are already requiring the use of pluginlibrary, you can have it perform an edit to add a hook in the subscription code
I could actually. I didn't think of that at all! I'll add that in tomorrow. I'll also be writing the js then too.
i still need to find some time to look at your code. been way too busy
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