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Full Version: MyProfile - Profile Comments & more (version 1.2)
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(2016-03-20, 08:24 PM)TheGarfield Wrote: [ -> ]
(2016-03-20, 02:42 PM)Protesqu Wrote: [ -> ]
(2016-03-20, 08:14 AM)TheGarfield Wrote: [ -> ]I've pushed a new release, 1.2. Enjoy Smile
Hey bro, version in ACP bug is fixed.
AJAX bug is still there Sad

Could you try with the attached file and tell me if it resolves the issue please? Thank you  Shy

This file is to be put in [MYBB]/inc/plugins/myprofile/

w00t Big Grin
I found a bug and don't know what kind of bug is it, but each profile i visit, the name of an user of my forum appears there, which is enclosed with red, so is how it appears.
Maybe I've missed it, but I've been looking for a bit for a solution to my problem.

So the problem is... I don't have comment boxes showing up. I've disabled/enabled the plugin, checked a few different things, made sure all my options are set properly and... nothing. No box. Not even a spot for the box. - if someone has a minute or two to take a peek at it.

I'm going to play around with it some more when I get home but I've been kicking around on and off most of the day and I'm just not seeing anything. 

I can see the code there when I view the page source. It looks like this...


<!-- start: myprofile_comments_form_script -->
lang.mp_comments_comment_wrong_length = "Please verify that your comment's length is between {1} and {2} characters.";
lang.mp_comments_confirm_delete = "Are you sure you want to delete that comment?";
lang.mp_comments_confirm_delete_all = "Are you sure you want to delete all the comments?";
lang.mp_comments_comment_approved_successfully = "The comment has been approved successfully.";
lang.mp_comments_comment_added_successfully = "The comment has been added successfully.";
lang.mp_comments_comment_deleted_successfully = "The comment has been deleted successfully.";
lang.mp_comments_comments_deleted_successfully = "All the comments have been deleted successfully.";
lang.mp_comments_comment_edited_successfully = "The comment has been edited successfully.";

MyProfile.memberUid = 3;
MyProfile.ajax = 1;
MyProfile.commentsMinLength = 2;
MyProfile.commentsMaxLength = 5000;
MyProfile.commentsSCEditor = 0;
MyProfile.commentsPage = 1;
<!-- end: myprofile_comments_form_script -->


Any help is greatly appreciated.


Sorry for the dual post but I decided I'd try and upload everything again and see what happens. So I'm trying to deactivate the plugin first and I get a 500 Error on that and the address below is appearing in my browser
Hi, How can I move > Add Comment < and >Total Comments<  in profile as in the picture!

[Image: attachment.php?aid=35973]
You're the best! Such an amazing work you did for this super plugin! :)

However, I am not sure what is wrong.
My board is using MyBB 1.8.7, now the plugin is working strange. Everything is ok (referrals, visitors,etc), but not the comments (crying in corner). What I actually need is just the comments function by the way :(

You can check in my board -> <- when you are in member profile, the box of visitor is there, but not the comments.

I have tried inspect elements...i can see that the comment script actually running, but i dont know it is not working as it should be

Masters, Help please this noob! :'(
^ have you checked if the comments feature works on MyBB's default theme ?
(2016-04-28, 12:23 PM).m. Wrote: [ -> ]^ have you checked if the comments feature works on MyBB's default theme ?

oh Mr. savior!

I just checked, but still like usual, only visitor and buddylist box exist, not the commentc box

the screenshot I just took is in attachment
^ you may PM me temporary access to forum admin panel & files (FTP) to check it
Hey man, just wanted to say great plugin.  Extremely powerful, the one thing that I do think is lacking is that there is no "top friends" support.  I will definitely be trying to add this functionality myself, but it would be really awesome if you could add it in an update somehow!
i had this one b4 and it was not working with some themes like ipoint8
ill try it again... hope this time it does.

Hi nice plugin... installed it all is fine
can i make a suggestion
when i rcv a msg from someone and i want to reply.
it refers me to his account and then i need to scroll down and fine the box to reply
why not make it like quick reply on the comment itself or even open pop up instead of moving to other profile?
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