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Full Version: MyProfile - Profile Comments & more (version 1.2)
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I'm not sure if this has been suggested before, but is it possible to have checkboxes on the comments for mass moderation, like say I want to delete several specific comments at the same time?

Edit: And another thing I noticed, it doesn't check to see if the comment is a duplicate of the last comment, for checking double posts.
I'm having an issue getting comments to work. When you go to post a comment the button doesn't create an event unless you move it to a certain point in the code. The issue with that is it creates another one where the comments do not display.

Website is

Please let me know if you might have a fix.
I agree a "duplicate comment" check should be added.
Bit of an issue;

As you can see I've added the buddy list and comments into custom tabs in iAndrew's Revolution Gaming theme (working on a major facelift to my board locally so everything is implemented the way I want it to be prior to upload), but the editor isn't the same size it is everywhere else on the board. Part of me wants to think this is an issue with a jQuery script calling another jQuery script inside of itself, as the tabs are display: none;'d and shown using jQuery, but I'm unsure.
I need help here.

Comments do not post?
An tool to delete all comments at once could be useful, only in ACP probably under the Tools & Maintenance -> Recount & Rebuild

Though you don't actually cache any stat, I think.
Any news about the new version of this plugin?
We've both been very busy. I work in retail so this time of year its really tiring.
This plugin can be used for version 1.6?
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