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Full Version: Post your desktop!
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Yeah I know there have been quite a few threads on this, but they all mysteriously die and disappear from the forum listing, so I thought I'd make another one. Besides, I like spying on other people's desktops. Toungue

Here's mine:
Arch Linux & LXDE. (Usually it's Fluxbox)

[Image: dm-3XM8.png]

Btw faviouz, will you upgrade to 11.04/11.10? Prepare for a big change, Unity sucks.
I'm already on 11.04 with classic mode. Didn't like Unity much.

I tried Lubuntu (LXDE) in the past and really liked it, it's probably my favourite desktop environment yet. But sometimes GNOME just works, so I went back. I'll be trying out new distributions very soon though! Toungue
That's great, I'll suggest some if I may. <- Really good. Uses LXDE and is much lighter than Lubuntu. - LXDE & Fluxbox CE's
Why are starting a new thread? I know we have one somewhere in here that has a lot of pages already Toungue.

Edit: Guess I should actually read OP Big Grin.
(2011-07-31, 01:11 AM)Richard Wrote: [ -> ]

Just a wallpaper Toungue

I love it! Would be awesome if you really worked for the FBI Toungue (Where can I get the wallpaper?) is mine Toungue (Excuse all the blurred out parts....)