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Full Version: Smethead's Mod/Plugins list [2 new plugins and 3 updated plugins]
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Problem has fixed itself. :s

It's now working fine! Toungue
DrPoodle Wrote:Just thought I'd point this one out. Basically, when you type a thread description like "This thread is about me" everything is fine, but if you type "This thread's about me" then the SQL command has an extra " ' " in it and you get the usual sql errors.

This bug has been fixed. It was something I overlooked. You can download the fix here:
Just replace the plugin file. Deactivating and Activating is not needed.
You can't download it yet on my website, because I don't have ftp-access right now.
The following bug has been fixed in Advanced Stats on Index/Portal
Quote:2.1: FIX: Today's Top Posters no longer show "Nobody" all the time.
Download at my website or at Deactivation and Activation is not necessary.
If you have decswxaqz his "Advanced Plugins"-plugin installed, you can also use the auto-update feature of that plugin. Simply click "Auto Install" next to "Advanced Stats on Index/Portal" in your plugin manager. The plugin will find the new code and ask if its valid. It is valid, so don't worry and click "Proceed". After that the plugin is installed, close the window, refresh your plugin manager list, activate, deactivate and activate the plugin again. That's it.

[Note to decswxaqz: If you use the Auto Install feature of Advanced plugins, it deactivates the plugin, but it doesn't run the $db changes, like adding/removing fields or rows. I hope this can be fixed.]
I get 2 plugins at my index-page. :/

( wtf? :p
You probably used decswxaqz his Advanced Plugins plugin. Anyway, you can solve your problem by deactivating and activating again.
Hey, I think 'Top Posters' isn't showed correctly...
destroyer Wrote:Hey, I think 'Top Posters' isn't showed correctly...
What does it give then?
Something like this:

Ine(1264 berichten)
(640 berichten)

That's because the colums are to small to show it correctly. I'm working on another system to solve this. Meanwhile you can just let one or more columns not show.
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