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Full Version: Smethead's Mod/Plugins list [2 new plugins and 3 updated plugins]
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For all people running Alternative Reputation System 2.5, upload the following files attached to this post and overwrite the existing files.
The nars_recount.php file needs to be uploaded to your forum root/inc/plugins directory. This file stops the mybb timers before it starts recounting. This solves a problem for large boards (with more than 300 users at least) causing the Recount Tool to time out after 60 seconds. If you activate the plugin, don't worry if it loads long. That's normal. You just have to wait a bit longer.
The repdetails.php file needs to be uploaded to your forum root directory. This file contains some security updates and solves problems if you're viewing the reputations given by a user. (The links weren't all correct)
The download files have been updated too.

There is also an update for the Thread Description plugin.
Michael83 Wrote:a user over here reported a problem with your Thread Description mod. If you preview your post the description isn't stored after saving the post.
This is now solved and while I was at it, I also added a feature that stores the description if you save the thread as a draft. You need to CHmod newthread.php to 666 or 777 for this. Download here or here.
Warning: fopen(./jscripts/general.js): failed to open stream: Permission denied in /home/sktarringer/ on line 649

Any idea what to do about this error? Got it when trying to activate your plugin. Also the reputation option on my forums is gone courtesy of this. Here's what's really weird, alternative rep system is already added in the board settings and in the plugins manager the button doesn't say deactivate it says activate. Little help?

Well, ARS works with an older version of the basic activate function I use in all my plugins, and so it's possible that the settings are there, but the rest of the plugin isn't.

The warning you got was because you didn't CHmod your file jscripts/general.js to 777 or 755. You have to do that and then activate the plugin.

To get rid of the duplicate settings group you will have after activation, you just need to deactivate and activate again.
(Write the usergroup's ID numbers, seperated by a ','.) Custom user groups.

What ID #s??? Explain this to me please.
The IDs of the usergroups. You can get them in the coulumn gid when viewing the table usergroups via phpMyAdmin or take a look at the usergroups cache in the cache manager in your Admin-CP.
This is the great release of the Forum Warning System. I've been working on this for a long time now. But finally here it is.
The general idea of this plugin was to be able to warn members if they do something wrong, like the IPB or vBulletin warning system. For the record, I didn't steal anything from those bulletin board software since I have never seen a warning system on any of those boards. I'd also like to thank the following members again for beta-testing or translating: Kimmo (Finnish translation), darkid (Hebrew translation), MaRiO (Spanish translation), Michael83 (German translation), makpaolo (Italian translation), Jadd (Russian translation), Adrian Hayter (DrPoodle, beta-tester), Zaher Rida (zaher1988, beta-tester), Christian (Christian585, beta-tester) and Belloman (beta-tester).

Now, let's take a look at the features:
Members can be warned if they don't follow the board's rules
Only so-called 'Warners' can add warning points to a Member.
You can choose which usergroups belong to the 'Warners' in the AdminCP.
When warning a member, 'Warners' get the options to choose the amount of percent to give (maximum can be set, using the Settings in the AdminCP.) and which type the warning is about.
These types can be made, edited and removed in the AdminCP.
This list can be seen by all members by clicking the Warning Types link at the bottom of each page.
If the type is not in the list, Warners can write a custom type upon giving warnings.
'Warners' also have the option to add an additional reason to the warning they give.
You can set whether warning without additional reason is allowedor not, using the Settings in the AdminCP.
A member will be banned automatically if he reaches 100% warning level.
After being banned, his warning level is reverted to a number that can be set, using the Settings in the AdminCP.
You can set how long a member is banned for the first, second and third time, using the Settings in the AdminCP.
Warning level expires after a period of time. You can set the points that expire daily, using the Settings in the AdminCP.
Once a member is warned, he will receive a PM with the reason of his warning and a reminder of his total warning level and how long it will approximately take to get rid of the percent given this time.
Additionally, the message contains from which post a member is warned and the additional reason if specified.
If the member's total warning level is above 60%, 80% or 95%, he will see a special note in the PM.
This PM will be sent by the Warner himself or by a Member specified in the Settings in the AdminCP.
If a member's total warning level is above 95%, he will see a warning bar on every page.
A Warn! button is added on every post (and optionally on the Member List) of a member that can be warned.
Warners can see the warning level of all members in the posts, Member List and Profile.
Administrators (and optionally Warners) can only be warned by other administrators.
A warner can't give a warning to himself/herself. Why would (s)he anyway?
All members can see their own total warning level at the bottom of the UserCP.
The more you come to red, the higher your warning level is. This requires a GD library to be installed on the server. If there isn't a GD library installed, the total procent is shown as a number.
All warnings are stored in a table in the database. This works as some kind of log that can be seen only by Admins with permissions in the AdminCP.
When a warning is expired, it will still exist, but have an "expired" tag. So it can still be seen in the log.
Admins browsing this log have the option to hide these expired warnings (hidden by default) and to sort the warnings on wid, username, adduid and dateline.
The plugin has a backup feature implemented. This means that all the settings, users' warning levels, users' amount of bans, warning types and adminpermissions are stored on deactivating the plugin. This can be turned off in the Settings in the AdminCP.
The backup feature also automatically restores everything that is saved back to where it belongs.
There is a new method of language support. The language is automatically chosen by the plugin depending on the member's settings, the default board settings and whether the files exist. This new method makes front- and back-end translatable. The FWS settings are also translatable (first plugin ever to have this feature!).
You can find all settings in your AdminCP >> Board Settings >> Change >> Forum Warning System Settings.
The functions of eMods can be used if you have a full working eMods core installed.

A simplified Arabic translation will be submitted by zaher1988 in a while.

You can download this plugin here (my website) and here (mybbmods).

Enjoy this plugin.

The mysql service on my host is currently down, so I linked to the file itself.
Where it all started: Forum Warning System?
Well done mate !! Smile

Sucess with finding a date for the school party. Toungue
Thank you for releasing.
It's great but i've two errors:

error 1 - When i want to change settings in Admin COntrol Panel:

error 2 - when i oben memberslist

I hope ou can help.
Keep that good work on

your second error.
go to inc/fws.php
$groups = array_merge($usergroups, $additionalgroups);
add above:
		if(!is_array($usergroups)) $usergroups[0] = $usergroups;
		if(!is_array($additionalgroups)) $additionalgroups[0] = $additionalgroups;
The error ins't there anymore.
Now i hope anybody can help me to solf the problem with error 1

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