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Full Version: Smethead's Mod/Plugins list [2 new plugins and 3 updated plugins]
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:o damn. I never thought of that. The problem lies in the fact that the revert check is before the member gets banned. the revert check reverts to the amount set in the AdminCP when a member has 100% but isn't banned. Damn I'll have to find an other way again.

But I'm sorry to tell you that you have to wait till my exams are over. I can't be bothered with it now.

I hope this will be included in a future MyBB release so I don't have to break my head on it anymore...
And I tried to don't revert (set at 100%) but it doesn't work. Indeed, the level stopped at 99%.

Smethead, good luck for your exams ! ^^ I hope your mod will be included in a future MyBB.
Yeah, I just started studying also. Toungue Good luck with your exams Smile

I'll be testing it a bit more when I will have more time for it. Toungue
What's the deal? I was testing the FWS by making a fake user and giving him a 50% warning twice with custom reason for both and I tried to login as my fake user and it wasn't banned! Little help please?
See above ! Wink It's written.
What can be done with the FWS in combination with eMods?
Its just simpler to install destroyer
Mickael Wrote:See above ! Wink It's written.

Oh..sry. I really hope Smethead fixes this and re-releases it because I'm a little chicken about upgrading because I've already accumulated members and posts and I wouldn't want to accidentally screw it up and lose everything because I did something stupid. When I finally NEED an upgrade, I'm probably gonna have it professionally done. Don't give up smethead, for my sake!
For those of you having problems with banning users and it reverting to 75% please try this file. Just replace it with the one in your MAIN directory (e.g.


Please tell me if it fixes your problems
It works ! Everything is okay, the level reverts to 75% !
For me, it's okay ! I've seen the Ban Panel and the ban is shown (3 days).

Thanks a lot Tikitiki, I needed this upgrate ! Smile
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