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Full Version: CoderMe Donation v6.0.0
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This Plugin Last Updated On 2018-09-23
Current version : v6.0.0

This release removed Payza, added support for PHP 7.2,

Features Summary
  • Online Donations through Payza, 2checkout and PayPal.

  • Offline Donations through Western Union and Bank/Wire transfer

  • Support more than 160 currencies.

  • Custom or predefined amounts.(minimum accepted amount supported)

  • Donors can send a note while donation (optional).

  • Donation bar, target amount and expiry date.

  • Ability to reset Donation bar and start a new goal

  • Changeable width of the bar/container from settings manager without template changes

  • Top Donors can be viewed by selected groups.(frontend).

  • Donations management: Browse, confirm, unconfirm and delete donations(Admin Control Panel).

  • Image verification (captcha) for guest/members or always.

  • Donors can be moved to a selected group

  • Donations can be accepted selected groups

  • Notice/Email notifications for new/unconfirmed donations (Optional)

  • Google Analytic for donation page (optional)

  • Useful donations Stats.

  • Fully customizable templates.

  • Enhanced JavaScript validations.

  • Customizable donation bar msgs

  • Support to Mybb v1.8

Installation Steps

  1. Backup your database and ALL of your forum files

  2. Upload the plugin tar file to your server

  3. Untar the uploaded file somewhere in your server file system (preferably /tmp)
    $ tar xvf latest.tar.gz

  4. Copy the contents of src directory within the unpacked tar to your forum root
    $ cp -arv src/* /var/www/html/mybb/

  5. Go to your Admin/plugins, You should see a plugin named CoderMe Donation FREE, this is it :) , click install/activate

  6. You are now able to configure the plugin with your options.
Admin Permissions will be automatically set for the superadmin (user with ID 1)
To give permissions to more admins do the following additional steps:
Go to 'Users & Groups' tab, next choose Admin Permissions, choose the admin you want to let him/her manage, browse and view stats about donations, click options => Set Permissons
Click on ab Donors, set permissions to Yes, now you see a new tab Donors, there where you can manage and browse your recieved donations.

Upgrade from v5 (warning)

     - Upgrade is NOT supported, this version for those running PHP 7.0+ with fresh install

Upgrade older v5


  1. Backup your database and ALL of your forum files (including your old plugin files).

  2. Follow the exact installation steps above

  3. (important) Remove the following directory (the plugin will try to remove it for you, this just in case it failed):  admin/modules/naoar_donors

  4. Old Templates WILL NOT be removed instead new templates will be added.
Note: New templates have suffix (_v5 ) to distinguish them from those old ones. 


Upgrade Notice:
After proper upgrading you'll have old templates with new templates ( suffixed by _v5 ) side by side, this is intended so that if you've customized the old templates, be able to do the same changes in new templates based on old ones, 

Warning: New templates may contain different place holders (enclosed within curly braces {}), so simple copy/paste may not work.. 

If you did corrupt the new templates don't panic just deactivate then activate the plugin will restore the templates to the default


New In CoderMe Donation FREE V6.0
  • Payza removed.
  • Support PHP 7.2

Changelog Since V 3.0.0

CoderMe Donation FREE v6.0.0

   # [REMOVED] Payza removed
   # [Added]   Support PHP 7.2 

CoderMe Donation FREE v5.0.2


    # Update version -> 5.2
    # made it into mods

CoderMe Donation FREE v5.0.1


    # Adding missing: Adding missing src/inc/plugins/naoardonate/funcs.php

CoderMe Donation FREE v5.0 


    # [REMOVED]: Skrill removed.

    # [ADDED]: 2checkout has been added.

    # [ADDED]: Require MTCN from donors when Western Union is used.

    # [SECURITY]: Form double submit prevention Added.

    # [SECURITY]: CSRF Prevention Added.

    # [PRIVACY]: Option to hide donors emails from top donors page (switched on by default).

    # [ISO]: ISO 4217 Currencies codes(1).

    # [GENERAL]: Code refactoring/ general cleanups.

    # [CONFIRMATION]: Require confirmation before uninstallation, to prevent accidental loss of data.

(1) Some currencies codes picked over the ISO to address the common usage in certain payment processors.

CoderMe Donation 4.0.1
    # Bugfix: invalid donation amount
    # Workaround: missing language naoardonate_global.lang.php
    # Adding admin/modules/coderme_donors to the archive

CoderMe Donation 4.0.0
    # Add support for mybb 1.8
    # Remove libertyreserve.

Naoar Donation 3.0.6
    # Bugfix: yet another upgrade bug (from 1.x to 3.x)

Naoar Donation 3.0.5
    # Bugfix: upgrade bug (from 1.x to 3.x)

Naoar Donation 3.0.4
    # Bugfix: upgrade bug

Naoar Donation 3.0.3
    # Bugfix: upgrade bug

Naoar Donation  3.0.2
    # Bugfix: donation by Paypal wasn't working

Naoar Donation 3.0.1
    # Bugfix: Preserve donation bar status when upgrade
    # Bugfix: currencies select box


[Image: mybb-coderme-donation-free-000.png]

[Image: mybb-coderme-donation-free-001.png]

[Image: mybb-coderme-donation-free-008.png]

[Image: mybb-coderme-donation-free-010.png]

[Image: mybb-coderme-donation-free-011.png]

[Image: mybb-coderme-donation-free-012.png]

[Image: mybb-coderme-donation-free-013.png]

[Image: mybb-coderme-donation-free-015.png]

Home Page:


SHA1  abe7ada5f08ea92436dfbd94362a80c7eba909e2 
SHA256  bbf850650924d4e96e5174293481085f9d92f391dac68cc4402b313070f9d49f 
SHA512  5d55eab0203b979a0103574f7e72c796e91a935594ae46052659d33efe49f663bb233dc4bf43dcf82f2c7d7fdf5a4e3ffa8ae96b291cd75bf38851cd306494ba
This seems really neat. Adding PayPal would be awesome though, considering that most users still use PayPal for donating and would be silly to have two donation plugins installed. Also a feature that user gets moved to certain group after the successful donation would be nice as well, because most forums give special features to the people who supported their forum.
Good work Wink
thx all of u :p

@Andras .. good ideas.. may be added in next release, however adding paypal mmm I don't think so, coz Zash made one and it won't be good to repeat others' work ..
(2010-12-13, 11:50 AM)tera Wrote: [ -> ]thx all of u :p

@Andras .. good ideas.. may be added in next release, however adding paypal mmm I don't think so, coz Zash made one and it won't be good to repeat others' work ..

But look around. There are tons of mods that have "duplicated" features. I would use this if paypal was included but like Andras's silly to use two plugins.
Most people use paypal, so without it, it's lacking a major feature.
This could be good i had a member that has had bad things happen to them at paypal and was asking if i had an alternative donation method.
the only thing is do you have to have an alertpay or libertyreserve account to accept donations i'm just curios.
(2010-12-13, 01:16 PM)adbrad Wrote: [ -> ]the only thing is do you have to have an alertpay or libertyreserve account to accept donations i'm just curios.

My suggestion: add paypal, as said before, better having 1 plugin to do it all than multiple separate plugins fir the sane purpose Wink
seems, you guys like paypal :)

ok.. will add it.

That would be nice tera.