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Full Version: Tagging Plugin! v1.3.4
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[Image: logovf.png]

This plugin allows you to tag (mention) other users in posts, this is a step for connecting users together in your board, a private message is sent to tagged (mentioned) users.
This is a feature inspired by Facebook.


If you want to donate to the developer
Do you think my work is good and you want to stimolate me in developing still for MyBB? You can do it via PayPal by donating a small fee to me or you can help me in promoting this plugin.

[Image: btn_donateCC_LG.gif]

Last release
Version: 1.3.3
Release Date: 3 December 2011

Upgrading from 1.2.1 Version
Backup Tags with Tagging Backup Plugin!.
Uninstall the plugin.
Put the new tagging.php file.
Install it from Admin CP.
Then use the .sql file generated by Tagging Backup Plugin! with some tools like phpMyAdmin for restoring the tags.

Related plugins
Tagging Backup Plugin! v1.0: It allows you to backup tags in a .sql file.
Tagging Count Plugin! v1.0: It allows you to display the number of tags present in threads.

External contributions

These are contributions to extend this plugin, for bugs and new features refer to respective authors please.

Editor button for easily tagging users (Created by Jockl): Adds a new button to the text editor who opens a popup window with auto-suggestion feature for username.


Tag users in post
[Image: screen1zy.png]

A private message is sent to tagged users
[Image: screen4xt.png]

There is also a section in UserCP so users can decide who can tag them
[Image: screen2uh.png] [Image: screen3qg.png]

Upload tagging.php into /inc/plugins/ directory and activate it from Admin CP.

In posts type:
Replace xxx or with the username or with the uid of the user that you want tag (my plugin will check if you can tag that user if not it will leave the text as it is).
i am not able to understand the use of this plugin , can u describe little bit more or any screenshot will help much
You can tag other users in post like this:
Quote:i bought this thing what do you think?! @[allrex]


I hope you understand this plugin Wink
THAT is very useful. But before the clickable username, can we have the @ please? For example:
@flash.tato What do you think?

Thanks for sharing this amazing plugin, I will definitely use it, and hope that you update it to 1.6.
It's been done before.
I didn't know this.

This was initially a modification that came out when Facebook introduced tagging in posts for a my friend, i just packaged it as plugin yesterday just for fun as i left MyBB community.

Can you point me the already existing plugin?
Ah ok i found it is a your plugin, well obviously it is clear that i didn't want to start a competition (that if it is done properly can be a good thing).

Also they're bit different you want to imitate Twitter, me Facebook (try to write @[uid:username]) in Facebook.
Also your doesn't notify that you've been tagged, so there are differences. Wink

Good luck with your plugin.

P.S. Also it is a stupid thing but my plugin ThreadRedirect Plugin! has been imitated in concept but still i don't go to Jammerx2's thread and telling him "This has been done before"
Ah, the glories of posting from an iPod touch, I'm too lazy to finish what I started. Anywho, is my plugin. And honestly, I had NO idea about the facebook stuff .. I don't use Facebook. Sorry if I sounded rude, and I'm considering sending a PM to those who are mentioned. Or maybe a mentions thing where you can search for all mentions of you.
Yes i found yours before! Wink
Extremely nice. I will be using this forsure.
(2010-03-21, 11:10 AM)faviouz Wrote: [ -> ]But before the clickable username, can we have the @ please? For example:
@flash.tato What do you think?
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