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Full Version: Tagging Plugin! v1.3.4
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(2012-07-14, 06:47 AM)Omar G. Wrote: [ -> ]^ Un-install and install the latest version.

Nope, I downloaded from here.
i have problem with this its not working when making thread but works when posting reply
I have 1.3.3 on 1.6.8 The PM is sent but there are problems with adding the post, however when the post is shown, it is not showing the tags as they should be shown (i.e. linked profiles as set in the plugin settings)

Is there any fix for this?
This plugins is very heavily used on my forums as people try to get the attention of other users.

Ok I fixed this. It appears that $post is not parsing on line 472

function tagging_show_post($post)
	$post['message'] = tagging_parse($post['message'], $post['tags']);
	return $post;

can be changed to

function tagging_show_post($post)
	global $post;
	$post['message'] = tagging_parse($post['message'], $post['tags']);
	return $post;

and that will fix the issue that I was having. I need to check further to see if I can do this without declaring $post as a global within the function as it really should be parsed via the variable

Actually by declaring this as global it completely stuffs up other parts.So I need to find a better solution
Tagging addon for the editor (the button so you can click on it and use it) however, this pushes the justify down to a new line.

Does anyone know what CSS would fix this?
I never did get this mod working.
@[Monaco] if you have the preparser plugin installed it can cause conflicts with this
(2012-05-19, 02:30 PM)Jockl Wrote: [ -> ]
line 319: //$plugins->run_hooks("tagging_tag_added", array('pid' => $pid, 'tid' => $tid, 'users' => $uids));
line 372: //$plugins->run_hooks("tagging_tag_added", array('pid' => $pid, 'tid' => $tid, 'users' => $uids));
line 457: //$plugins->run_hooks("tagging_tag_removed", array('pid' => $post['pid'], 'tid' => $tid, 'users' => $uids));
line 477: //$plugins->run_hooks("tagging_tag_removed", array('pid' => $pid, 'tid' => $post['tid'], 'users' => $uids));

Thank you Jockl!! Big Grin
I will be releasing a new version to address this issue.

Maybe I will be actively developing this plugin for a few time for academic purposes

i'm releasing 1.3.4 version of the plugin.

Be ware this is beta-like version because i want to be sure it works for everyone. I tested this and it seems working so far but i want to be 100% sure.

I would be very thankful if i would receive some feedbacks about the plugin.
Hi flash.tato, euantor released a fantastic notification plugin some days ago. It's called MyAlerts. Its shipped with an extensible Alert class which let you easily integrate your plugins within MyAlerts. Any chance of getting Tagging Plugin and MyAlerts both working together? Smile
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