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Full Version: iGame 1.8.23 (Dark transparent skin)
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iGame - updated for 1.8.23. [Not responsive]

[Image: index.png]

This is a total rewrite with cleaner code
Updated menus, profiles, showthread, forumdisplay.
Added animate.css for a couple things
Added a sticky menu in header for on scroll

Download exta blurred backgrounds


Sticky menu:




Header social links can be changed in

Templates > iGame> Header Templates > Header


Footer links can be changed in 

Templates > iGame > Header Templates > Footer

Report any bugs here and i'll help you get it sorted. Also please leave my copyright in the footer intact.

Looks really great, your themes keep getting better and better, congratulations!
Thanks, ignore the weird footer half way being up. just my full screen screen capture causing it.

I'll try get some clearer previews up later.
Nice one. Wink
Nice theme Smile
nice one iAndrew
nice color choosing, it fits good and easy on the eyes
Andrew, this is AMAZING! You're such a talented designer Big Grin
Header seems borked here.

[Image: KjAMDwj.png]

with dev #1 from mybb, in ff 34 and 36dev
Working fine for me, whats your forum url so i can test?
(2015-01-09, 10:03 PM)iAndrew Wrote: [ -> ]Working fine for me, whats your forum url so i can test?

I'm only testing locally on my 'testbed' server, It may well be a plugin I'm using (it's cluttered as hell).
I'm starting a fresh build this weekend so will test again on a clean 1.8.3.

I checked new.css and saw a .menub so removed the b, because why not, and it's... semi-fixed.  The top menu is there now.

edit; removing the B in Inspect Element in firefox then putting it back fixes it... but for some reason loading the actual (identical) CSS is borking for me... I'll report back when i've tested on a clean setup

edit2; for some reason on pageload it only loads 6 of the 57 rules in new.css

edit3; okay, firefox displays all CSS not just whats loaded, chrome displayed an error and the css just ending after 6 rules and it looked like it wasn't minifying correctly.
Disabled MyBB's minifying option, fixed.