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Full Version: List of Confirmed Features
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@faviouz, i builded a website on it a few months ago, disregarding the warning my colleagues gaved me, on not to go with it.

It had a ton of features (and it still does), maybe that's the first thing that draw my attention, i got nothing to reproach to this framework, besides the fact that all these features and security came with a great performance drawback. Way bigger than i had anticipated.

Maybe are just my slappy coding skills that missed the most important part when working with this platform. But i know one thing, due to the terrible performance this framework had, i had to rewrite the website all over again. Call me crazy, but i take nothing less than perfection.
I've already noted the performance problems with Yii in several places on these forums - and mainly on models - but I'm assured they dissipate once AR is hooked up properly.

Even so, APC is an ever growing PHP extension (and built-in to PHP 6 afaik) and that increases the performance massively. Yii recommend it to be switched on.
Please note that Yii 2.0 is under design discussion (similarly to MyBB 2.0), it should require PHP 5.3+ and backwards compatibility shouldn't be a priority, so a Yii 1.x project could require a good amount of changes in order to be migrated to Yii 2.0. There could be an alpha version of Yii 2.0 by the end of the year.
Chances are they will provide an upgrade transition between 1.x and 2.0, which we can either apply between 2.x releases or before the initial 2.0 release.
(2011-07-29, 12:18 PM)nadlerz Wrote: [ -> ]Finally, the most awaited.. MyBB 2.0 will be release March to April of 2012
Big Grin
LOL, Upgrades/releases to 1.6 are only made if there is bug fixes and if there is new features. I cannot say much, but that "theory" you are going on is way off.
I would say around 2013 is more realistic.
(2011-08-27, 06:53 PM)faviouz Wrote: [ -> ]MyBB 2.0? That's 2-3 years from now on.

(2011-08-21, 10:51 AM)Tomm M Wrote: [ -> ]All major frameworks have their own 'mistakes'. The trick is to find the right balance between performance, usability, features and learning curve.

What's the real benefit of using a framework though for such a large project as MyBB? My concern is MyBB's future being too aligned with another projects success or failure.

Why find a balance when you can simply build from scratch for the needs of MyBB?

I think the prospect of using a framework is enticing and scary at the same time.
We started off with our own framework but it was decided that we would use an existing one instead. Regardless of whether Yii fails, it's a good product and more than suitable for forum software.

I'm not fussed either way. You spend time making something that already exists and can provide much more than we use or create something specific and leave it to others to extend. We'll soon see if the gamble paid off.
Curious, what was the downfall to your own framework?