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Full Version: Advanced Sidebox 3.1.19
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Welcome back Wildcard, theres also < > issue in private_messages.php I talked about in #124.
Thanks, Darkrad,

I'm still working on my development environment. Moved to MAMP, so I'm having to get all my development scripts installed and working on the new host. I had to make the move because I was unable to use PHP 7 on Wampserver.
While fixing that part I also had to add colspan="2" there, would it cause any issues?

Also is it possible to have forum-spesific multiple latest threads modules? I tried to explain here:
i would like to make custom boxes, how would i make the box show, the arcade champion in a advanced side box?

url is
(2017-08-15, 06:29 PM)outlaw16151 Wrote: [ -> ]i would like to make custom boxes, how would i make the box show, the arcade champion in a advanced side box?

url is

Just click the tab "Custom Boxes" > "Add New Custom Box"
Or you try using one of the existing box modules and modifying it to what you want.
(2017-05-19, 07:59 AM)Darkrad Wrote: [ -> ]Hello, I want to create category specific latest threads sidebox, since most of my sub-forums have their own theme I think I can do that with simply going with X sidebox, should be visible only in X theme, created for X sub-forum.

Inorder to do that I need (at least 10) different latest thread modules I can arrange which of them showing threads from which category.

For example in this forum theres a "Resources" and "Community" categories, what I want is, when people go into Plugins forums (which is under Resources) they will see "Active threads from Resources Category" which will show them threads from only Plugins, Themes, Translations etc.  if they go to any forum in Community Category then they will see only threads from that category.

To do that I need to be able to 1. copy modules and 2. settings for latest threads module, can you help?

If I am understanding you correctly, you'd like to have each page's Latest Threads side box display threads from a different set of forums/categories? If so, currently the only way to do that is the way you have described.

If you were to design a perfect system, how would it work? Create one Latest Threads side box and include settings to have it behave differently depending on which page it is displayed on? How would that work? :s

The issues with this idea are tied into an much earlier request to have side box's visibility controllable per forum/thread...It would be fairly simple to check the fid/tid, but then what? When I begin to attempt to envision the interface, my mind goes to some elaborate grid in which admin can link visibility with various fid/tid info... Or maybe an 'Add Visibility Requirements' link that uses JS to add requirements to that particular box-- but then how would that help your situation? You still would have to make multiple Latest Threads side box instances to achieve side boxes that pull threads from different categories/forums

I think that, in terms of visibility controls, Advanced Sidebox would need to undergo vast changes (Major point upgrade changes) to cater to just the most popular requests.

I'm very proud of the work that has been done here, but I can still see that there is a ton of room for improvement.

Regards and sorry for rambling,
"Perfection is the enemy of Good." so they say.
Advanced Side Box is very good. And don't confuse complexity for improvement.

With each upgrade in MyBB, each plugin has to keep up. Those of us who find plugins useful hope that the plugins are kept up.
With all the requests, please bear in mind that a few of us are reliant on the plugin author to maintain the plugin through forum changes and upgrades.
With THAT in mind, consider the complexity and demand on your time. ASB is very good. . .we just want it to work right and remain functional.
Getting a strange error when trying to edit a script.
[Image: 22005e71bf.png]
The problem is that ASB isn't PHP 7 ready.
i dont know if it has beem asked, but is there a way for the side boxes to show up on custom pages?