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Full Version: Advanced Sidebox 3.1.19
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(2017-09-16, 03:01 PM)Darkrad Wrote: [ -> ]There is no detail to it, when I click on one of the custom boxes I see copy of page above the actual screen, like in image I showed. I don't see any pattern to it, it happens will all custom boxes, it happens with add new custom box screen aswell.

I don't understand. The only way I can think to try and figure it out would be to obtain temporary credentials to examine your issue and what may be causing it. I will completely understand if you don't feel comfortable with that.
Hi guys,

after a long time not hosting anything, I decided to install MyBB again. Wink Was looking for something like this, with Portal like custom blocks. But this Plugin just dont want to work.

I am using the latest 1.8.12 MyBB (php7). I can install the Mod fine, no issues there. But the layout is weird. And what I can do inside of a block, is it any html content ?


Because when I just make a simple box, it sometimes even displays the actual box content over the box. Then I have. in the forum view, two blocks called YOUR TITLE and LATEST ACTIVITY, which if they are from this Plugin, I havent even put there. Whats going on here ?

Maybe i am more stupid than usual, given that I havent used MyBB for a long time, but if someone knows for a fact that this Plugin has no issues that can cause things like I discribed, I really need some help.


I think the problem is that you need to wrap your content in table rows:

<td>My content</td>

When you add a new box, there is an example there. Title it whatever and save it, then use it and see how it relates to the HTML.
Thats a bummer. Why is that necessary ? Never saw that way before. Do you know another block/box plugin that does work without the need of tables ?

Its too bad, there is no easy way to create custom blocks for the portal, at least non that I found. Thanks for your reply. Wink

(2017-10-11, 12:11 AM)Wolfseye Wrote: [ -> ]Thats a bummer. Why is that necessary ?

It is necessary because the default MyBB theme uses tables, therefore to work with the majority of themes, ASB needs to use tables by default.

(2017-10-11, 12:11 AM)Wolfseye Wrote: [ -> ]Never saw that way before.

ASB has always used this system. I created a nice addition that handled that part for the admin and just allowed them to enter the contents, but that killed the possibility of the admin using a theme that uses divs and styling rather than tables.

You see, if I build the table elements into the plugin, the admin would have to patch the plugin in order to use responsive themes-- whereas now, the admin simply leaves out the table elements when creating boxes if they are unneeded.

Coincidentally, unless you are using a responsive theme without tables, it wouldn't benefit you at all for this to work without tables. But if you are using a responsive theme, just edit the ASB templates in ACP to use whatever design you need-- be it replacing the tables with divs or whatever.

(2017-10-11, 12:11 AM)Wolfseye Wrote: [ -> ]Do you know another block/box plugin that does work without the need of tables ?

As I described above, whether ASB uses tables or not is up to the admin.

(2017-10-11, 12:11 AM)Wolfseye Wrote: [ -> ]Its too bad, there is no easy way to create custom blocks for the portal, at least non that I found.

It is easy to create custom boxes for the portal. Simply drag a custom box over either column, edit the display setting so that it is either global or specifically targeted to portal.php and save. If that isn't working then we may need to troubleshoot the theme.

(2017-10-11, 12:11 AM)Wolfseye Wrote: [ -> ]Thanks for your reply. Wink

You're welcome.

Check out the wiki for some good information about the plugin (specifically the FAQ):
Advanced Sidebox 3.1.5 Released

  • Initiated some thinking-ahead export versioning in light of other issues
  • Minor improvements to the core
  • a bug where custom boxes exported after 2.0 could not be imported
  • a bug where custom boxes that were exported were assigned an incorrect version
To upgrade: Just overwrite the existing files. There is no need to deactivate for this upgrade.

The download contains the "Mention Me" Plugin
Wildcard i feel has had a drinking session whilst uploading his files and grabbed the wrong ones...

it is indeed mention me on the Extend site.
lol How embarrassing. I'll get it fixed later on today. For now, just grab it from GitHub:

P.S. And yes, I had a few...